What to do with dog food in Ghostwire: Tokyo

As you explore Shibuya in Ghostwire: Tokyo, you’ll find plenty of food and drinks that you can use while fighting the Visitors. One notable item you will find is dog food. It’s a valuable item, but not one you want to eat. Here’s what you need to know about what to do with dog food in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Some of the few things left in Ghostwire: Tokyo are the many dogs and cats you can find throughout the city. They find themselves without owners to take with them, and they are very hungry. You will be able to feed them while you explore the game, as long as you have Spectral Vision. You will unlock this ability in Chapter 2.

Thanks to Spectral Vision, you will be able to approach a dog and read its thoughts. By reading their thoughts, and that you have dog food available, you can offer it to them. Shortly after giving them dog food, the canine companion will offer you a reward, give you money, or show you a hidden path that you might have missed without their help. We strongly recommend that you take as much dog food as possible to supply to hungry animals to learn more about Shibuya in Ghostwire.

Whenever you feed a dog, be sure to wait for them after you feed them to receive your full reward.

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