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Hello and I’m sorry for being bossy about this, but I think you should clean your fridge today. It won’t take long, but I promise it will make you feel better, and it’s true even if you wake up whistling and ready to dance, and especially if you’re blue. It’s a reset. Take everything out and rate it for its usefulness and age. Take the parsley pieces out of the vegetable drawer. Wipe down surfaces to shine or come as close to a glow as possible. Then put what is left in its place in the refrigerator.

There will now be room for groceries, for a week of cooking. And that’s what we’re here to do.

Look at that open corner where the quarter-ounce of soy milk languished in its half-gallon jug. Use this space for a container covered with adobada steak, the tangy Mexican marinade made with guajillo peppers. It could be dinner tonight, with rice and hot tortillas. And see the area next door, where two spoonfuls of mashed potatoes had been fermenting in a huge bowl for a week? Perfect for a Strawberry Ginger Frozen Cake (above)! You are working on a clean slate.

For Monday’s big meal, I think of the spicy glass noodles with shiitake mushrooms and cabbage. You may prefer the chili glazed tofu with star anise. Or, if heat isn’t your game, a Greek goat cheese salad.

On Tuesday night, how about these tangy pineapple and ginger sausages for a Hawaiian pizza vibe? (Some people can’t stand fruit and meat. I’m sorry for them but offer comfort in the form of this sausage and parsley risotto.)

I love the look of this cherry tomato and kale spaghetti for Wednesday night. But I could see the bailout in favor of a sandwich made with charcuterie turkey, Swiss cheese, shredded cabbage and Thousand Island dressing instead of my usual mayonnaise.

Thursday evening is good for fish cakes with herbs and peppers. I like it with a green salad and a super lemony vinaigrette.

And on Friday, you could check out this pan-fried chicken with black beans, rice and chili peppers, or these sesame-crusted pork cutlets with cabbage, nicely under the tonkatsu sauce.

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Now this has absolutely nothing to do with spotted shrimp or spicy brown mustard, but if you’re looking for a midsummer novel to read I’m going to put you on “A Long Way From Home” by Peter. Carey.

Jason Zengerle is in the New York Times Magazine this week with a fascinating look at Black Rifle Coffee Company which positions itself as the Starbucks of the political right. Read that too.

Spend time with Paolo Veneziano, “Art & Devotion in 14th-Century Venice,” a new exhibit at the Getty Center in Los Angeles.

Finally, here’s some new old music for us to play: “Very 2021 Rmx” by Thom Yorke from “Creep” by Radiohead. This will take you through the refrigerator. I’ll be back on Monday.


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