What is OnlyFans used for?


From Facebook to LinkedIn to Reddit, it seems every few years a new social media platform emerges, dominating attention and becoming an internet star. The last competitor is OnlyFans.

While you’ve undoubtedly heard of OnlyFans before, you might be wondering what exactly it is for. Here we are going to take a look at that.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a social media content subscription service. It charges subscribers a recurring fee for accessing its content. This content includes images, recorded and live videos, direct messages and sometimes even merchandise.

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OnlyFans is best known for NSFW content and has become a very popular app for the adult entertainment industry. Unfortunately, this content means that OnlyFans is not available on any mobile app store.

Instead, you will have to visit Only fans with a browser on a desktop or mobile device. On mobile devices, you can save the web page to your home screen. This will create an additional app icon on your home screen, allowing you to access OnlyFans like an app.

To access any content on OnlyFans, you must first create an account. Creating an account is quick and free, but you must be over 18. You must subscribe to a creator’s account and pay that creator a fee to view content that they have posted, unless the creator’s account is specifically configured to allow free access.

Fans will pay between a minimum of $ 4.99 and a maximum of $ 49.99 per month to access content from a creator. You also have the option to tip creators to buy additional content for them or just to give a freebie. The minimum tip is $ 5 and the maximum tip is $ 100.

What content will you find on OnlyFans?

There are four main types of content available on OnlyFans: videos, photos, direct messages, and status updates. Like most social media platforms, photos and videos are the most popular with fans, especially when it comes to adult entertainment.

Updates work like Facebook posts. All the creators have to do is type a message on their keyboard and post it on their OnlyFans page to engage fans.

As we discussed, the majority of OnlyFans content (estimated at around 70-80%) is created by adult performers and sex workers. Content can range from slightly flirtatious content to X-rated content.

The rest of the content on the platform is completely clean. This content consists of videos of Hollywood actors, musicians, fitness trainers, influencers, journalists, filmmakers, and small businesses, among others.

Popular non-sexual creators include Duke and Jones, who use OnlyFans to promote their content and support COVID-19 charities, American rapper Swae Lee and The Plastic Boy sharing makeup and skin care regimes step by step. stage.

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Of course, not all OnlyFans users are famous people, everyone can have an account. If you look around, there is no shortage of designers you can support.

OnlyFans seems determined to mainstream in non-sexual content as it has also launched an SFW-only app called OnlyFans TV (OFTV).

Rather than the paid subscription model, OFTV allows free access to everyone. To date, OFTV has over 800 videos from over 100 creators. The videos cover all of the old site’s SFW content, from exercise and vlogging to fashion, cooking and meditation.

What does the future look like for OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is still relatively new and the jury is still out on whether it will catch up with the popular social media apps we use on a daily basis.

While it can be difficult to compete in a saturated social media marketplace, there is no denying the impact and prevalence of the app for female sex workers.

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