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I was looking for a lightning loan. My bank needed too long for my loan request. As an alternative I have found online banks & private lenders offering instant loans with instant pay. My short story about how I managed to get an instant payment online flash loan.

So I have successfully paid my lightning loan!

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I moved from Austria to Germany. No sooner had I arrived in Munich than I needed money. And lightning fast. I knew that I was in a tight financial situation.

That’s why it was important for me to be able to make a quick and uncomplicated loan request. Above all, it should be a quick process where I could ensure a prompt and immediate payout of a loan.

Credit for very difficult cases – I was a particularly complicated case

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I knew that checking my creditworthiness could be done in a matter of minutes. Especially with a Zasewa credit immediate payment, my credit rating is checked completely and automatically.

Any lender, whether it’s the bank or a private lender, can get my Schufa score in minutes. At first I was very worried about that, because I did not even know how many points I had. But then I became much smarter!

My credit experience

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Here are my credit experiences and what I’ve learned in my search. I needed an instant loan with immediate payment and immediate payout in 24 hours.

The way to the bank was too long and therefore I had decided to apply for a lightning loan online.

The problem that I had to overcome was clear. I had to find an alternative to my house bank. An online direct bank or private lenders who also offered a lightning loan with immediate payment.

The online Zasewa credit in practice

And no matter whether you need a usd 500 lightning loan, usd 25,000 lightning loan or usd 1000 lightning loan – this is completely irrelevant for the credit inquiry and the examination process.

Being able to apply for a credit immediately and quickly depends first and foremost on finding the right lending provider.