A Chinese man’s ambition for fifteen minutes of fame ended in tragedy when he damaged his luxury Lamborghini vehicle! Raison? The owner of the car, meanwhile, attempted to grill skewers of meat with the flames from the vehicle’s exhaust! The car’s engine quickly went up in smoke and the tragic finale was also filmed.

The man and his friends gathered in an underground parking lot in Changsha, China’s Hunan province, for “cookout,” according to Sohu.com. Rather than using gas burners or barbecues, they chose to cook their meat on an extremely expensive sports car.

As footage showed the man beaming as he watched the flames from the exhaust scour the meat, things turned sour when thick smoke began to billow from the rear engine compartment, while his friends continued to film it.

Watch the video here:

The Lamborghini Aventador, like many current cars with crackling soundtracks, “Lamborghini Aventador occasionally throws raw fuel into the exhaust, where it burns and shoots flames,” according to The Drive. The skewers were cooked using this method by the men.

According to Today Online, the savage act ended up burning a hole in his pocket after receiving a bill for 500,000 yuan in repairs.

Source-Indian Express

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