Viral video: Guys swap cooked lobster for live lobster in restaurant – watch staff reaction




  • Tiktokers Coy Wickey and Brian O’Donnell traded a cooked lobster with a live one at a restaurant
  • The manager gave the most ridiculous but reasonable explanation for the “mistake”
  • TikTokers were in disbelief when the restaurant cooked the live lobster they brought in from outside

Two guys decided to swap a cooked lobster for a live lobster in a restaurant to see how the staff would react. Tiktokers Coy Wickey and Brian O’Donnell were invited by a follower to “Go red lobster and order lobster. Then when it comes to replacing it with a live one.”

The duo decided to give the stunt a try and post a video of the same on social media.

The video shows the waiter serving them a fully cooked lobster, after which they replace it with a live one they presumably took out of a bag under the table.

We see a member of staff asking them, “Are you guys here?” To that, Coy replies, “When I ordered the lobster, didn’t I know it would be alive?” “

The waiter, who is quite shocked, says, “Nah uh brother, for real. Let me see that.”

A little later, the manager of the restaurant comes to the table and makes the most bizarre but most reasonable excuse.

“We put it on the table for the cook to prepare and the waiter came over and he just grabbed it,” the manager told them.

TikTokers are surprised when the restaurant took their live lobster to cook it.

“They’re cooking the lobster, no way,” Coy said incredulously.

Meanwhile, Brian tries to control his laughter as the drama unfolds in front of him.

The video has gone viral on social media platforms. It has been viewed over 224.4 million times. Internet users broke up after watching it.

One user said, “That’s not what this lobster thought when you told him he wanted to be in a prank video.” Another noted: “The director bluntly lied.”

A third user added: “To be fair, the manager said the only reasonable explanation.” Yet another added: “It wasn’t in the job description.”

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