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The force of the explosion rocked the couple from their living room couch.

“Before we know it, we are on the floor. We didn’t want to get up because we thought the roof was going to collapse, we thought it was a bomb.

Debris from the home remains spread across Pine Street after the property exploded Sunday night. (Ian Holmes/NanaimoNewsNOW)

A picture from the wall fell and hit them.

“We stood there for a minute, then I walked into the kitchen and it was raining through the kitchen because the skylights had been blown off our roof, then we got out and saw…a house on the road. It was quite scary.

The damage to their home remains to be determined. Cook said their landlord had the foundation checked, while dormers and blown windows were boarded up.

Some doors to his house were smashed, including one with a deadbolt that split open in the middle of the blast.

More than a dozen homes in the neighborhood suffered visible damage, with reports of blown windows and damaged doors.

Adjusters and contractors were seen at several homes in the Pine St. area Monday morning.

Another local resident, who wished to remain anonymous, offered her jarring account of the blast.

“It knocked us down and it went on for a really long time and I felt like things were in slow motion. We got up and saw all the transformers exploding and the fireworks, we looked at each other and we we said ‘it wasn’t a transformer exploding’, it was amazing.”

Nearby security cameras captured the flash point of the explosions and the shock wave that followed. (1st: Luke Antrim — 2nd: Daniel Leclerc)

She was one of two patients taken to hospital for observation and told to watch for symptoms of concussion.

Four others were treated at the scene.

“It was a lot, like being rolled over in a wave. When you see a bomb wave or a shock wave on TV and you see this line of clear dust thrown in your direction and the camera shake, it is exactly what you felt.

Property damage was reported to homes as far away as Shepherd Ave, several blocks from the blast.

Nanaimo RCMP confirmed Monday morning that they had returned home to determine exactly what caused the explosion.

Police noted that the building’s tenants were evicted in late January.

Representatives from Fortis BC, Nanaimo Fire Rescue and Technical Safety BC were among the officials on site.

A natural gas leak is a potential cause investigated on site.

Eyewitness Kristopher Medgyes was a few feet away when the explosion occurred.

“I was walking from downtown and heading towards the church and that’s where I smelled the rotten egg smell, then not ten minutes later I smelled the explosion.”

Megyes said he did not know the source of the smell and did not have a cell phone to report it.

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