TikTok video of man cooking pig’s trotters with cooking torch on HDB drain grill shocks viewers

The man was seen cooking the pigs trotters with a torch behind a row of well-known restaurants at Blk 82 MacPherson Lane

A TikTok video of a man cooking pig’s trotters with a kitchen torch behind a row of restaurants at block 82 MacPherson Lane has gone viral. It is unknown when the video was taken, but the person taking the video can be seen wishing the cook ‘新年快乐’ (xīn nián kuài lè), or ‘Happy New Year’.

The TikTok video was also shared by Facebook user Liza Rahim. Many who commented on the video said they were shocked that it was happening in Singapore. Others called on authorities to investigate and take action against the man.

The cook appeared to be preparing pig’s trotters, or pig’s trotters, using a kitchen blowtorch. Chinese cooks usually burn the hairs of the feet to prepare them for cooking. The cook seemed happy to be on the video and engaged in a small chat with the videographer.

Block 82 MacPherson Lane is located in a smaller older HDB estate and is surrounded by a larger industrial estate. There are several well-known restaurants serving Chinese cuisine in and around Block 82. It is unclear whether the cook prepared the food for restaurants in the area or for his own consumption.

It is illegal to prepare food outdoors in an unsanitary manner in Singapore. In 2018, the National Environment Agency (NEA) investigated the drying of raw meat in an air duct outside an HDB flat in Beach Road. Shin Min Daily News then reported that racks of red, raw meat were left hanging outside to dry in the heat of dusty air conditioner compressor vents along an HDB hallway on the second floor of Beach Road. These racks of meat were supposed to be for making cured meat for sale – both directly to the “home maker’s” customers and from a store in the nearby Golden Mile Complex.

The NEA then warned that it would not hesitate to take strong action against anyone found guilty of violating the Environmental Public Health Act. He also advised members of the public who find food prepared in unhygienic conditions not to buy it, as the food may be unsafe.

Working with equipment like the torch in the audience is also dangerous and could be a potential fire hazard. In 2015, People’s Daily Online reported how a chef’s cooking experiment went horribly wrong when the gas canister he was using to cook a pig’s trotter ignited a trainer. The newspaper said the chef from Chongqing in southwest China was cooking in a restaurant when his DIY barbecue equipment caught fire. He panicked and pushed the gas canister onto the road, where it rolled under a bus and set it on fire. No one was injured in the incident.

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