The vending machine has frozen versions of Japanese ramen featured in the Michelin Guide


Japan isn’t shy about pushing the limits of what you can buy from vending machines. From the practical (vending machines dispensing antibacterial masks and wipes set up in the midst of the pandemic) to the downright unusual (vending machine for edible insects, anyone?), Japan lets you guess what it will put next. in a vending machine.

Fortunately, the latest machine is bug free but rather aims to give you a taste of the cuisine featured in the Michelin Guide. “Local Ramen Selection” is a frozen food vending machine that was recently installed in the Aris Shopping Center in Toyama City (Google Maps). It brings together six types of frozen ramen created by regional restaurants across Japan.

Two of the six types of ramen come from Michelin-rated restaurants, namely Chicken and Salt Ramen from JUNKSTORY in Osaka and Fluffy Chicken Ramen with Soy Sauce from KaneKitchen Noodles in Tokyo. Other options are local ramen from less visited areas of Japan, like “Fuji Noodles” from Keishoken to Gunma and black pepper from Toyama. tonkotsu ramen by Tonkotsu Ebisuko.

Left: Chicken Ramen from JUNKSTORY, Right: Soy Sauce Ramen from KaneKitchen Noodles


Left: Fuji Noodles from Gunma, right: Tonkotsu ramen with black pepper from Toyama

The first “Local Ramen Selection” vending machine debuted in Shizuoka earlier this year. You can find it in front of Katsuo Sh0ten, a ramen restaurant located in Iwata Town.

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