The ultimate guide to SG’s best hawker centers and what to eat there

When it comes to finding great old fashioned street food, nothing works better than visiting a food court.

After all, hawker centers are an essential part of Singapore’s social fabric. It is not only a gathering place, but also an opportunity to savor the country’s best and most beloved local cuisine and dishes. Here are some of the best hawker centers in Singapore if you fancy something local.

Officially called food hubs, hawker centers were quickly built from the 1970s to rehouse street food vendors, and many flourished to become institutions. Today, this is where you can find great examples of local dishes, including chicken rice, bak chor mee, roti prata, nasi lemak, laksa and more. In recent years, young street vendors have also stepped in to offer more international flavors, from ramen to pasta.

This guide isn’t exhaustive – we’ll add more as we cover them – but here’s a guide to some of the best hawker centers in Singapore.

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Bukit Timah Food Center

Diners flock to Bukit Timah for carrot cake and satay bee hoon, as well as timeless dishes such as durian chendol, Hokkien mee, mutton soup and kway chap. Leave room for durian chendol and beancurd with taro balls.

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bedok 85 fengshan stalls

Bedok 85

From the famous bak chor mee to the Michelin-recognized satay bee hoon, Bedok 85 is a culinary destination in the east. It is also famous for Cantonese pork porridge, xiao long bao, live Fuzhou oyster cake, peanut soup with rice dumplings.

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Adam Road Food Center

Small in size but big for the sweet tooth, this food center offers the famous nasi lemak, shrimp noodles and mutton soup. Pork leg bee hoon is also a draw, as are mee soto and ice kacang, laksa and Indian rojak.

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Hong Lim Food Center

As one of the first hawker centers built in Singapore, Hong Lim is packed with culinary gems including fish head bee hoon, chicken curry noodles, kway chap and bak kut teh. Younger hawkers also offer international dishes ranging from Japanese-inspired breakfast bowls to duck confit.

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peddler guide maxwell

Maxwell Food Center

Tian Tian’s chicken rice grabs the headlines at Maxwell, but other stalls serving fish soup, chee cheong fun, xiao long bao and Cantonese roast meats are equally worthy. Old-fashioned snacks come in the form of tapioca cake and ham chin peng, then finish with a local craft beer.

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Beo Crescent Food Guide

Beo Crescent Food Center

Located between Tiong Bahru and River Valley, Beo Crescent is popular for its lor mee, char kway teow and terracotta rice. The ban mian is also outstanding, as well as Teochew braised duck and fried rice from a former chef Din Tai Fung.

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ghim moh food center

Ghim Moh Food Center

Head to this food hub for Michelin-recommended braised duck and char kway teow. There are also dripping plates of Hokkien mee, crispy appam and chewy chwee kueh.

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