The Biggest Kitchen Mistake You Make, According to Geoffrey Zakarian

Geoffrey Zakarian has over 30 years of experience in the culinary industry, during which he has graciously shared some of his knowledge with fans looking to up their own cooking game. The chef taught us how to whip up a top-notch fruit salad and even revealed the secret ingredient that goes into the perfect omelette, and recently the restaurateur explained how to avoid making a rookie cooking mistake about seasoning food.

“Tip: don’t just taste your food at the end of the cooking process”, Zakarian tweeted to its 330,000 subscribers on April 19. “Taste it constantly throughout, it gives you plenty of time to adjust the seasoning.”

We realize that some readers may find this method a bit unnecessary, or, as one twitter user said in response to Zakarian’s advice, might even leave them with nothing at the end of their culinary adventure. However, as cooking light emphasizes that multiple tastings throughout the cooking process are essential to ensure you don’t end up with a boring, bland plate of food.

Besides, Epicurious offers a tasting and season your dish after completing each step of the recipe you’re following (as long as it’s safe to do so) to help “bring out the flavor” of each new ingredient. Therefore, there is no shortage of flavors and it is not just the “outside” of the food that is seasoned at the end.

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