The best work you may never see: TBWASpain, McDonald’s prepares a symbolic burger to support farmers affected by devastating fires

In response to some of the worst fires in Spain’s recent history – with over 275,000 hectares of farmland destroyed – McDonald’s and TBWASpain recently launched “The Burger That Could Not Be”, a symbolic burger dedicated to the charred Spanish countryside.

To support Spanish farmers and their livestock, McDonald’s Spain has purchased some of the failed harvests and is inviting customers to join the relief effort by purchasing “The Burger That Could Not Be” – a virtual burger, similar to a zero-wrap burger inside – through a €1 ($1) donation. All funds over a three-week period from the sale of these virtual burgers will go to a Spanish cooperative providing aid to Spanish farmers and ranchers affected by the catastrophic fires that ravaged the country earlier this summer.

Natalia Echeverria, Marketing and Digital Director at McDonald’s Spain, said: “With this initiative, we seek to bring the purpose of our brand closer to society in a more tangible way. This is why we have decided to give all our support and help to the farmers affected by the fires, a key sector for our society and our economy. This campaign is part of the Big Good project, a long-term commitment to support Spanish producers who allow us to create good times for our customers every day.

Juan García-Escudero, Creative Director, TBWASpain, added: “This is an act of solidarity full of magic and strong symbolism worthy of a brand like McDonald’s that demonstrates its commitment to campaign through concrete actions.”

Directed by Rodrigo Cortés via production company Only 925 in Spain, this initiative film shows a woman receiving the surprising and welcome news that McDonald’s is going to buy some of her farming family’s lost harvest.

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