The best vegan exchanges from the Michelin starred chef to prepare family dinners this vegan

When trying to make lifestyle changes, it can be intimidating when you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing or how to prepare certain meals.

For those who want to limit their meat intake for the month, or for all of 2022, you may feel a bit lost.

Especially since more than half a million Britons have signed up to become vegans for the month as part of the Veganuary campaign, but many would prefer not to eat processed or pre-made vegan dishes.

So, here at The Daily Star, we spoke to Michelin-starred chef Vineet Bhatia, who runs the BBC Maestro course, to find out his best vegan cooking tips.

And, it seems a lot easier to accomplish culinary feats with the right advice and with the right ingredients.

Vineet offers an online cooking class with all its top tips

Vineet said: “To start with, always equip yourself with a few quality baking pieces, like a non-stick sauté pan, that won’t clutter up the kitchen and save you unnecessary stress! Then, create a personal bank of simple and must-have vegan recipes.

“There is a misconception that plant-based cooking requires sophisticated equipment, lots of ingredients, and preparation, but it doesn’t.

“You can also learn how to ‘vegan’ non-vegan recipes.

“Replace regular milk with plant-based milk – almonds, oats, coconut, soy. Substitute chia eggs, flax eggs and my best advice Aquafaba (in Italian for “bean water” – liquid filtered from cooked legumes) for the eggs.

“Don’t underestimate the value of this – I assure you that no bean flavor will be imparted! When cooking, replace the fat with olive or coconut oil and honey with olive oil. maple or agave syrup. “

Vineet encourages to try new recipes
Vineet encourages to try new recipes

He added, “When it comes to flavor, vegan cuisine doesn’t always have to be ‘simulated meat’ or boiled or steamed vegetables, you can add flavor by using combinations of spices.

“You can also use soy sauce, tamari (gluten free), coconut aminos (soy free) or nutritional yeast for a great umami taste and cheese flavor – perfect for potatoes. cheese.

“For sauces, cornstarch and arrowroot powder provide a thick, creamy texture that is difficult to achieve in vegan dishes.

“Just mix one part powder with two parts water to form a paste and add it to sauces. Nut butters and tahini are also secret weapons for subtle flavors.

Vegan meals can be quick and delicious
Vegan meals can be quick and delicious

Vineet added: “What’s fantastic is that nut butters are available in supermarkets and easy to prepare at home. Very profitable!

“Each butter has a unique flavor and is suitable for both sweet and savory dishes.

“My favorite is roasted eggplant in peanut butter and tahini sauce with a squeeze of lime – delicious!”

The chef noted, “My final tip is to always keep a positive attitude and keep learning! Actively encourage yourself to learn new recipes and implement new ingredients and you will never be bored.

“And always learn from mistakes – that’s how I discovered my passion for recipe development and discovered the limits of vegan cuisine.”

Learn more great cooking tips from Michelin-starred Vineet Bhatia and her BBC Maestro course on modern Indian cuisine here. Price: £ 80 for lifetime access to 30 lessons and full downloadable notes.

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