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Check out the clip above for all the fun things you can do in a slow cooker, or scroll down to find all the recipes from the Today Show.

There’s the slow cooker, and then there’s the slow cooker.

It doesn’t matter that you do in slow cooker or just cook very slowly, it’s done gently and slowly and there’s a reason we love it.

Firstly, it allows you to use cheaper cuts of meat, as the slow temperatures break down all the connective tissue and cartilage, making them tender when you cook slowly.

Second, the longer you cook, the more flavors infuse, so you allow time to do all the work and you can use minimal flavors and techniques. Winner.

Third, it saves us time when you fixate and forget. It also means that the house smells so good while you do the other things you want to do, without dwelling on the stove.

It’s great to do while so many of us are stuck at home – it takes all day without any real work, gives you something to look forward to, and fills the house with warmth and aroma.

Additionally, slowly cooked dishes tend to freeze well, which means you can cook in large quantities and then store them, which is a lifesaver if you are currently in the groundhog cycle of WFH and LFH (teaching home).

Time to slow down and cook slowly (iStock)


  • If using meat, always brown it first for best results.
  • With the vegetables cooked for a long time, cut them into larger pieces so that they do not fall apart.
  • Make sure you use enough liquid to really simmer and cook.
  • Use a little less salt. As the flavors intensify, there is no need to use too much.

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