The best places to eat in Liverpool according to the Good Food Guide

Liverpool is known for its amazing food scene, with hundreds of restaurants and cafes to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a breakfast spot, an off-the-beaten-path café or a lively independent, the city’s offerings often leave you spoiled for choice. Now the Good Food Guide has rounded up the best places to grab a bite to eat in Liverpool.

The guide, owned by Waitrose and Partners, showcases the best restaurants in the UK, including big names, best-kept secrets and local eateries. This week, an article on the Good Food Guide website suggested nine places everyone should try.

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Below, we’ve taken a look at recommended restaurants. What is your favorite place to eat in Liverpool? Join the conversation in the comments section.

Art school restaurant

The art school restaurant has been a huge success since its launch in 2014. From Chef Wirral Paul Askew, the restaurant is known for its fine dining experience and range of menus.

The art school’s Excellence menu features dishes such as roast Lancashire quail with date and tarragon stuffing, seared king scallop with Southport smoked pork and wild sea bass caught in the Liverpool Bay.

The art school restaurant on Sugnall Street

What the Good Food Guide says: “A stone’s throw from the Philharmonie, the École des Beaux-Arts has the impression of walking on a theater set. Bare light bulbs hang from the vast skylight and a kitchen window offers a glimpse of Paul Askew’s team at work producing deliciously presented contemporary British cuisine with striking flavours.

Or: 1 Sugnall St, Liverpool, L7 7EB


Roski is owned by 2012 Masterchef winner Anton Piotrowski, who moved to Liverpool to open the site in 2017. The restaurant serves a tasting menu, which is served exclusively on Fridays and Saturdays and includes stone bass, wagyu tenderloin aged, peanut butter parfait and Suite.

Roski's Restaurant on Rodney Street,
Roski Restaurant on Rodney Street

What the Good Food Guide says: “In the Georgian quarter, Anton Piotrowski’s Röski is a modern dining room in neutral tones for a kitchen that has nothing to do with it. Expect culinary pyrotechnics with witty twists on Norse lore, starting with the indispensable duck egg and duck foot soldiers.

Or: 16 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 2TE


Delifonseca, which is both a restaurant and a food hall, offers everything from sit-down meals to deli counters serving cheese, charcuterie, wines and more.

Delifonseca Dockside on Brunswick Way
Delifonseca Dockside on Brunswick Way

What the Good Food Guide says: “Head to Dockside for Delifonseca, a food court and restaurant set to expand into expanded premises as we write, with a global snack menu that reflects the city’s cosmopolitanism.”

Or: Brunswick Way, Liverpool, L3 4BN


With two locations in Liverpool city centre, Lunya is always a popular choice for tapas. The Catalan restaurant serves everything from Catalan scouse and patatas bravas to a chorizo ​​sausage roll and salt and pepper chipirones.

Lunya, Hannover Street
Lunya on Hanover Street

What the Good Food Guide says: “Authentic Catalan tapas are the order of the day at Lunya in the amorphous Liverpool One retail development, and there’s now a younger sibling, Lunyalita, in the 200-year-old Albert Dock arts quarter with vaulted ceilings and terrace seating for sun-seekers.

Or: 55 Hanover Street, Liverpool, L1 3DN


Nestled along Liverpool’s waterfront, Etsu offers an authentic Japanese experience. Etsu’s menu includes Donburi, Japanese curry, sashimi, sushi and more.

Etsu Japanese Restaurant
Etsu Japanese Restaurant

What the Good Food Guide says: “Etsu does classic Japanese, from sushi to donburi boxes, in an understated, elegant ambiance.”

Or: 25 The Strand, Liverpool, L2 0XJ


Ellis Barrie, along with his brother Liam, opened the Albert Dock Lerpwl restaurant in September 2020 amid a number of restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Barrie brothers have gained a growing reputation for excellence since launching the Anglesey Marram Grass restaurant.

Liam and Ellis Barrie own Lerpwl
Liam and Ellis Barrie own Lerpwl

Pronounced ‘Ler-pool’, the restaurant aims to recognize the brothers’ links to Liverpool and North Wales, with Lerpwl aptly translating to the town’s Welsh name.

What the Good Food Guide says: “Liam and Ellis Barrie, once one of North Wales’ alluring Marram Grass, also showed up on the dock, opening Lerpwl in 2020.”

Or: Albert Dock Britannia Pavilion, Liverpool L3 4AD


The Liverpool restaurant that broke crowdfunding records in 2017, Wreckfish is hugely popular across the city. Chef Gary Usher, the man behind Burnt Truffle, Sticky Walnut and Pinion, has raised over £200,000 to open Slater Street restaurant.

Wreckage on Slater Street
Wreckage on Slater Street

The Wreckfish menu includes glazed duck hearts on toasted brioche, braised beef feathers, hot smoked salmon fishcakes and more.

What the Good Food Guide says: “Gary Usher also has a finger in the pie in Liverpool, at Wreckfish, where modern, affordable bistro cuisine is always popular (don’t miss the truffled parmesan shavings).”

Or: Slater Street, Liverpool L1 4BS


Liverpool favourite, Maray, has three restaurants across the city, although his Bold Street restaurant is perhaps the best known. Maray is known for serving Middle Eastern flavors with a selection of vegetarian, vegan and non-vegetarian small plates.

What the Good Food Guide says: “The mixed brasserie dishes of the different subsidiaries of the Maray group have something to please everyone. »

Or: 91 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4HF


A laid-back bistro and bar on Smithdown Road, The Belzan serves simple, seasonal food, wine and cocktails. Belzan offers several menus, including a prix fixe menu that features lobster pasta, rump of lamb, wild mushroom gnocchi and more.

Belzan on Smithdown Road
Belzan on Smithdown Road

What the Good Food Guide says: “Belzan is a neighborhood bistro in Wavertree with whitewashed brickwork and a menu of robust St John’s style fare – anyone for lamb heart and tahini?”

Or: 371 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, L15 3JJ

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