The best Latin American cookbooks to inspire your cooking


Comprising about 20 countries, Latin America is a region that includes South America and Central America, covers more than seven million square kilometers and has nearly 650 million inhabitants.

With that comes one of the most varied cuisines in the world, inspired by history, tradition and globalization. While there are more renowned cuisines globally, such as the very popular Mexican cuisine in the UK, there are also lesser-known specialties from Cuba and Peru, such as Ropa Vieja, a dish made with of meat and the Tacu Tacu, an equally inviting meal of rice, meat and dumplings.

If you’re new to the world of Latin American cooking, fear not because we’ve rounded up some of the best cookbooks that will teach you everything from the perfect staples for a quick delicious family dinner to extravagant platters. of meat, fish and vegetables that will amaze your friends and family.

For those wishing to immerse themselves in the world of Latin America, we recommend cookbooks that include introductory pages on how to stock a store cupboard and where to buy authentic produce.

Add these cookbooks to your virtual shopping cart, head to the local supermarket and get ready to try some of the most innovative and tasty dishes that are sure to please everyone.

The Latin American Cookbook


Best for: Regional cuisine

If you love Mexican cuisine but also want to learn more about the culinary rich region, the Latin American Cookbook is ideal as it features recipes from across the continent. With over 600 included, this book comprehensively covers traditional dishes such as empanadas and tortillas while also including lesser-known regional specialties such as Ecuador’s Easter Soup and Nicaraguan Squash Stew that we have. enjoyed cooking very much.

We found that overall, the recipes, despite their exotic taste, required basic cooking equipment and easy-to-find foods. Many recipes are also influenced by history and culture, with strong indigenous and European influences being visible throughout the book.

Colombiana: a rediscovery of recipes and rituals of the Colombian soul


Best for: Colombian gastronomy

Written by Bogota native Mariana Velásquez, this cookbook is an ode to all things Colombian, including its diverse heritage, culture, and of course, cuisine. You will find hundreds of traditional dishes with modern touches to make them accessible to Western cuisine.

Learn how to make empanadas from scratch as well as delicious recipes such as Lomito de Cerdo al Tamarindo y Menta (Tamarind Mint Pork Tenderloin) which makes a perfect Sunday lunch and Cuchuco de Trigo con Pollito y Limón (Tamarind Mint Soup) free-range chicken with lemony bulgur, the perfect starter.

With a focus on tablescapes and entertainment, this book is ideal when you’re gathering friends and family for a meal. You’ll learn how to present your dishes as well as prepare small sides like dips and snacks to take your gourmet feast to the next level.

The Spicery How to Be a Taco Legend Cookbook Kit


Best for: Gifts

This beautiful cookbook kit is a perfect gift for any Mexican or taco lover and comes with 80 recipes and four delicious taco spice blends in attractive storage boxes. The four spice blends contain 20 different Mexican spices, including eight different chili peppers that are blended together to create wonderfully tangy, spicy, and smoky blends that can be added to any recipe in the book and more.

We loved trying the classic Mexican dishes such as fajitas and nachos and the spice blends really work wonders, we were surprised how a simple dish could be so delicious after a little seasoning. With every cookbook purchase, you also get access to the online Taco Legend Club which features many more top-notch recipes and cooking tips.



Best for: Central American cuisine

For a comprehensive guide to all things Central America, look no further than this exquisite monograph featuring some of the region’s most exciting and innovative dishes.

Each chapter includes recipes, personal trials and information to help you improve your home cooking. Written by Peruvian chef Virgilio Martínez, his wonderful creations such as Papa Voladora (Flying Potato) and Conchas del desierto (a phenomenal mixed seafood platter) will leave your heart and stomach satisfied.

As you flip through this book, marvel at the beautiful photography of food and stunning landscapes.

Cuba: the cookbook


Best for: Cuban cuisine

Just 90 miles from the tip of Florida, you’ll find this wonderful island full of color, food, and Latin American pizzazz. Cuba: The Cookbook is the first book to provide a comprehensive guide to food culture and cuisine.

There are over 350 recipes with bright colors and bold flavors. The information that accompanies each dish will give you a wealth of knowledge about the country’s history – you’ll see how Spanish, Soviet and American influences created the food they eat today.

We loved the squid in its ink for a spectacular and flavorful meal, while the many egg dishes are perfect for a quick morning breakfast. Don’t forget to try the range of simple yet delicious cocktails to accompany this wonderful feast of food.

Peru: the cookbook


Best for: Peruvian dishes

If you don’t know much about Peru, there is one thing to learn: the country offers some of the most innovative and tasty dishes in the world. As Peruvian cuisine grows in popularity around the world, it’s time to learn how to create these dishes from the comfort of your own home.

This essential guide will teach you everything you need to know, from the basics to the mind-blowing dishes. You’ll find common dishes such as Ceviche for fish lovers and Lomo Saltado for a delicious meat meal as well as lesser-known recipes for Aji Amarillo – a sweet and spicy yellow chili dip.

An absolute must is the plantain meatballs with chorizo ​​and smoked beef which are surprisingly simple and delicious.

Mi Cocina: recipes and the delight of my cuisine in Mexico


Best for: History buffs

Mi Cocina is not only a tribute to all the flavors and colors of Mexico but also to its history. Each chapter features short essays on topics such as the influence of the Middle East on Mexican cuisine and the role of migration on traditional recipes, making this book both an intellectual and a culinary delight.

We love some of the traditional recipes such as the famous Oaxacan mole and the fried fish tacos from the Baja coast which are full of flavor and very authentic. It also has a very useful section on basic essential ingredients to keep in your pantry and where you can get them.

Frida’s Fiestas: recipes and reminiscences of life with Frida Kahlo


Best for: Art lovers

If you’re looking for a cookbook that not only gives you great recipes, but also helps you learn about Mexico’s artistic and political history, look no further than Frida’s Fiestas. This book, created by Frida’s daughter-in-law, presents more than 100 dishes that were cooked or eaten by Frida Khalo during her life, as well as family photos and excerpts from Frida’s diaries. Our favorite dishes include the Mole Chocolate Pie and the Red Snapper Veracruz, a whole fish cooked in a herb salsa.

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