Teen mum Jenelle Evans has been slammed for calling her husband David Eason ‘the best chef’ as fans slam their cooking videos

CRITICS have slammed Jenelle Evans for bragging about her husband David Eason’s cooking skills after calling his recipes ‘disgusting’.

The Teen Mom 2 alum bragged about another dish her hubby cooked, calling him “the best chef.”


Critics slammed the cooking skills of Jenelle’s husband David after she bragged about a breakfast sandwich he made for herCredit: Instagram/j_evans1219
She often brags about her husband's cooking as she shared photos of many dishes in the past that fans couldn't get along with.


She often brags about her husband’s cooking as she shared photos of many dishes in the past that fans couldn’t get along with.Credit: TikTok/Jenelle Evans

Jenelle shared a snap of her meal on her Instagram Stories, salivating over the breakfast sandwich David made for her.

The 30-year-old zoomed in on the stacked sandwich to show off its layers of eggs, bacon and mayonnaise on light white bread before taking a bite.

She gushed over her husband’s kitchen writing, “OMG, @easondavid88 is the BEST chef,” complete with a pink heart and laughing face emoji.

However, fans didn’t think the sandwich was something to rave about after a Reddit user shared the post with the caption: “Apparently that makes David a ‘chef’….”

Another person questioned David’s skills in the kitchen, commenting, “That bacon looks raw and the bread isn’t toast.”

While a second agreed to answer: “It took a lot longer in the pan. 🥓🥓🥓”

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A third was not at all impressed with the writing of the creation: “Eggs, mayonnaise, bacon and white bread… Wow what a chef.”

As another echoed the statement, replying, “This is not ‘chief’ material.”


Fans have spoken out against the reality TV star’s cooking before, as Janelle often showed off her husband’s creations.

She recently revealed the contents of a “mukbang” the couple made for dinner in a TikTok video, prompting some to voice their opinions on the dish.

“We have a small smokeless mini grill. We have seafood and we have steak, pork and chicken, she said, scanning the camera above the grill.

“It’s going to be really good,” she added, walking over to David, 33, looking at the food. “I can already tell.”

Viewers didn’t quite agree, however, with many taking to Reddit to criticize the food in the video, saying it all looked “disgusting”.

One user joked that instead of mukbang it sounded more like “yuckbang”.

Another felt uneasy after watching the clip, wondering, “Can you have secondary food poisoning?

“Because I feel like she just gave us second-hand food poisoning.”

A third asked: ‘Why does his food always look like vomit on a plate?’

The couple also came under fire for their “homemade hoshdogs” as fans couldn’t quite get on board with the breakfast dish.


Some commented on the couple’s eating habits, writing, “These people eat way too much meat.

“I’ve never seen them film themselves cooking or incorporating a fucking vegetable into their food.”

Jenelle has admitted in the past that she tries to incorporate healthier foods into her diet, however, she doesn’t appear to have changed her habits based on the items in her basket earlier this week.

The mom-of-three shared a message from her overflowing grocery cart, captioned, “Just getting ready for #WinterStorm.”

His cart appeared to be full of greasy foods, including a front and center packet of cookies, frozen Eggos, French toast sticks, and a cube of butter.

On Reddit, fans criticized her shopping list.

One parent shared, “I also buy my kids junk food, but they also have 3 snack bins to choose from, including fruit, applesauce, string cheese and yogurt. I don’t never reach the level of French toast sticks.”

Another added: “My god. And then she wonders why she has health issues and why her kids are hyper.”

While a third agreed: “For someone with so many health issues, you would think she would try to eat better.”

Jenelle lives in North Carolina, which is currently experiencing what’s been called a “once in ten years” ice storm for southern states, which has other fans wondering about the types of food she bought.

Some critics called his version a


Some critics called his version of a “mukbang” “disgusting” while his “homemade hoshdogs” were also not a hit on social media.Credit: Instagram/David Eason
The couple have been called out for their poor eating habits by fans, as Jenelle previously admitted she wants to make healthier choices.


The couple have been called out for their poor eating habits by fans, as Jenelle previously admitted she wants to make healthier choices.Credit: TikTok/Jenelle Evans
However, earlier this week, the star stocked up on


However, earlier this week the star stocked up on “junk food” in anticipation of a snowstorm, leading fans to wonder what else she eats on a daily basis.Credit: Instagram/@j_evans1219
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