“Taiwan Bravo” shows the experiences of new immigrants to Taiwan

Taiwan Bravo (我們 一家 人), produced by the National Immigration Agency and SetTV (三 立 電視台), chronicles the experiences of new immigrants in 368 towns and villages in Taiwan, including Penghu and Lienchiang counties.

The program airs at 2 p.m. on Sundays with a daily special Taiwan Bravo– thematic segment on SetTV.

The first impression for most visitors to Hong Kong is of a crowded city full of busy people. It is therefore not surprising that many Hong Kongers choose Taiwan as their new homeland.

This was certainly the case with a couple nicknamed Wan (溫) and Wong (黃), who have 30 years of experience in French cuisine.

After working in the kitchens of major hotels, Wan opened his own restaurant in Taiwan, although he was to experience an unpredictable setback.

A COVID-19 alert this year paused indoor dining, but Wong was ready with a plan: to bring the restaurant to the customer.

Wan and Wong brought utensils and ingredients to prepare a gourmet meal right in the customer’s kitchen.

Wan sources the ingredients himself. From edible roses to mushrooms, he visits farms across Taiwan to assess their quality.

With the excellent reputation they have built for themselves, Wan and Wong have gained a foothold in their new home.

The allure of Taiwan’s natural beauty is irresistible to many Europeans and Americans, but the granola they are used to packing for a mid-hike boost is hard to find here.

It was an opportunity for Emilien Crett, who moved to Taiwan after falling in love with a Taiwanese classmate in the UK.

While racking his brains for a business idea, Crett realized that the granola he used to eat every day in Switzerland was missing from store shelves.

He developed artisan recipes with dried Taiwanese fruits and natural pectin to hold them together.

For his students learning Japanese, Kuma-san is the fun teacher who always jokes. Yet for his daughter, he is a big teddy bear who sends her to school with lunches envied by all her classmates.

He started making packed lunches three years ago, determined to make adorable creations that could rival those made by mothers in Japan.

The photographs he takes of his original creations have become an online success, garnering the admiration of his many followers.

Chang Li-ying (張麗英) worked as a flight attendant for many years before getting married and settling in Taiwan.

Although she has already become a second home, a special place in her heart is reserved for her homeland, Myanmar, and other immigrants like her.

Chang volunteers at the Service Center for New Immigrant Families in New Taipei City, reading stories to mothers and their children and helping people fill out forms.

Besides helping to speak and understand Chinese, she also gives a Burmese language course to give children a holistic education in the hope that they can move fluently between the two languages ​​and cultures.

The stories of these new immigrants in Taiwan Bravo, which is sponsored by the New Immigrants Development Fund, chronicles their experiences living in Taiwan and shows how different cultures can come together.

Through in-depth interviews showing the diverse cultures of new immigrants, viewers can witness their moving stories.

Taiwan Bravo airs Sundays at 2 p.m. on SetTV, channel 54.

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