Tahoe Bagel Company set to open second location in Kingsbury

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – Tahoe Bagel Company is opening a second location on Lower Kingsbury, Nevada just two years after opening its first store in South Lake Tahoe.

Owners Justin and Jeffrey Kaplan opened their first store in 2020 in Al Tahoe after realizing it was the perfect place to start a food business. When the opportunity arose for the brothers to expand their shop at the old 7-11 location on Kingsbury, they jumped.

The new Tahoe Bagel Company store will open at what was once 7-11 on Lower Kingsbury on the Nevada side of Stateline.
Supplied/Jeffery Kaplan

Jeffrey Kaplan said the unexpected adventure in a second place came down to luck and having money on what the city wanted in its food.

“We always had hope in our hearts that this business would grow across multiple locations,” Kaplan said. “We didn’t think it would be that quick, but it was pretty lucky because we wanted to go over to the Nevada side.”

The shop should open in two to three weeks, with the same menu and promotions added every week. Specialties are constantly changing and usually come from the minds of the kitchen and reception staff.

“If there’s a sandwich they have or a crazy sandwich they love to make and we all agree it’s good, we organize it for a special,” Kaplan said.

The Kaplan brothers look forward to not only growing their business, but also strengthening their staff and continuing to bring a positive atmosphere to their stores.

“We always hoped we could be the bosses we never had,” Kaplan said.

Opening another store will also create better job options for those looking for work in town, Kaplan said, while making the bagel shop more easily accessible to the entire town of South Lake Tahoe.

The construction of the building is almost complete and the Kaplan brothers are delighted to unveil the final version of the store.
Supplied/Jeffery Kaplan

“When I’m walking around town, if I’m wearing a bagel shirt and I start talking to people, I often hear them say, ‘I love your place, but sometimes that line is just unbearable,'” Kaplan said. “And I get it. I’m the same. So hopefully this will ease the load on the first location and make it much more accessible to people living in the Stateline and Kingsbury area.”

Hours for the new location will remain the same, but are subject to change depending on what works best for that location.

Kaplan is still hiring kitchen staff and noted that the hiring process was different this time around than in 2020. Back then, it was a battle over who to give shifts to. work, but now it’s harder to find. employees.

“We didn’t have enough shifts to give [in 2020]”, Kaplan said. “But this time around, we’re noticing fewer hits on posts and social media posts.”

Kaplan explained that maintaining a healthy workplace for employees is important to the brothers, and they plan to offer competitive wages through tip pooling, where employees will typically leave with tips of 10. at $15 per hour. Additionally, the brothers see themselves as laid back and understand that sometimes life has to come first.

“There will be days when I happily work the register and make coffee, or my brother will jump the line and cook just so a member of staff could handle whatever he wanted or needed to handle,” said Kaplan.

The opening of the new boutique means strengthening not only employee relations, but also ties with the community.

“It’s really one of those unexpected things about owning a business in town, and a business that’s very accessible to the local community,” Kaplan said. “Since we opened, as a business, we’ve formed a friendship with the fire department, the police department, the first responders, because they love our food. And we are constantly trying to strengthen these relationships.

To learn more about Tahoe Bagel Company, visit tahoebagelco.com.

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