Sweet video of Chip and Joanna Gaines from Son Crew has fans obsessed: ‘Her heart is pure’

Chip and Joanna Gaines fans are obsessed with Joanna’s latest videos from their son Crew. The Magnolia Table With Joanna Gaines the star’s youngest child is growing up fast and he’s so adorable.

Chip and Joanna Gaines | Nathan Congleton/Getty Images

Crew, the son of Chip and Joanna Gaines, says “Thank you” to the waves of the ocean

On August 14, Joanna posted two Crew videos. An Instagram video showed her adorable boy walking in the ocean, thanking the waves as he traveled along the beach.

“Thank you waves,” she captioned the video.

The crew can be heard expressing their gratitude for the waves and, when Joanna asked why he was saying that, he had the perfect answer. “Because the waves wash our feet,” Crew told him.

He continues to walk and thank the waves after responding to his mom.

Fans loved the cute overload moment

So many Joanna fans chimed in in the comments about the sweet moment, leaving messages like, “He already figured out life with his gratitude,” “Oh my heart. Precious,” “The Nicest Little Guy,” and “Such a Kind Soul.”

One of Joanna’s followers pointed out that Crew has a “pure” heart. “Haha, so cute! His heart is pure,” they wrote. “We should all be thankful for the little things, keep it simple. It’s the best.”

Many Joanna fans thought it was a wonderful callback. “A gentle, grateful soul…reminds us to be grateful for everything,” one person commented. Another person shared, “So so nice. We should all thank the waves. Everytime!!”

Many fans congratulated Chip and Joanna on the parenting victory. “Joanna! That’s the sweetest! From babies’ mouths, isn’t it? Well done parents!” one person commented. Another follower remarked, “Such a nice boy! And full of gratitude at such a young age! You are doing a wonderful job raising your family.

Still others looked to innocence and connection to nature. “The sweet purity of children,” one fan noted. “Seeing the world through their eyes is a treasure.”

Another person wrote: “Such a strong and innocent, yet powerful connection to nature! That he would walk and say thank you with such gratitude and care. Oh my… maybe we should all treat nature with such honor and respect. It would be a much nicer and nicer world! Keep training your children as they should – it’s really nice! »

The crew helped mom Joanna Gaines in the kitchen

In another Instagram video posted the same day, Crew helped her mom out in the kitchen. “My little sous chef,” Joanna captioned the video.

Crew tastes a red sauce and stirs it with a small spoon, helps brown the meat in a skillet (adding a few pinches of salt), and shows off his counting skills with basil and bay leaves.

The end of the clip is a still that shows Crew on a stool by the stove with Joanna by his side.

Her fans loved seeing Gaines’ youngest child so engaged in the baking process. “I’ve always said, put them in the kitchen cooking young and they’ll develop a love for cooking, enjoying good whole food, and sharing with your sweet family and friends!” a fan commented.

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