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Stressed about preparing your Christmas dinner? Try this ‘life changing’ timeline to make sure everything goes according to plan


PREPARING and cooking a Christmas dinner, while being ready at the same time, can be a stressful ordeal.

However, one woman shared a “game changer” hack to keep your day going.


Make sure your Christmas dinner preparations are on time by following this scheduleCredit: Getty

Ruby Holley took to TikTok to reveal her nifty trick, citing The Great Roast Dinner Timing Chart as her saving grace.

“If you’re making Christmas dinner this year, you’re going to need this hack,” she said in her video.

“So for me the hardest part of cooking Christmas dinner is the timing – I’m always wrong. Or if you just don’t know what to put on when or at what temperature, it will save you money. “

Once you’ve visited the website, you tailor it to your meal.

“You put in the meat you eat, then your veg or sides, then what time you want to serve it, and then that literally tells you what to do,” she explained.

“I have used it every time I have made a roast dinner and it has always worked so well, so definitely use it. Good food!”

Food fans were quick to comment on the hack on Ruby’s video, with one person writing, “It’s revolutionary! Honestly, the timing is the most stressful part.”

“Game change,” another commented, while a third wrote, “Omg, we need a dedicated Ruby hacks page.”

“Oh my God – using it!” someone else wrote, while another called it a “life changing” trick.

Ruby Holley took to TikTok to share the timeline hack - much to fans' delight


Ruby Holley took to TikTok to share the timeline hack – much to fans’ delightCredit: TikTok / rubyholley

However, one person argued that the chaos of preparing for Christmas dinner was the reason for the festive holiday.

“It wouldn’t be Christmas if it weren’t for family arguments and the absolute bloodshed over the stress of making dinner,” they wrote.

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