Smart Tips Kenyans Can Use To Save Cooking Gas


Kenyans are feeling the economic heat with the steadily rising fuel prices. From high prices at the pump to the rising cost of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), commonly known as cooking gas, it’s a tough journey for many.

As of July 1, 2021, the government introduced the 16% value added tax on cooking gas. Today, 6 kilograms of product cost on average 1,300 Ksh while a cylinder of 13 kilograms will cost on average 2,500 Ksh.

With the cost of living high, most people are looking for ways to save a room or two. So what can you do to reduce your cooking gas consumption and your bills? Here are some simple tips to consider.

Total Gas Cylinders sold in Nairobi in January 2020.


Cover food when cooking

Zephaniah Kavungi, an energy expert, says, “Simple methods such as covering your pot with a tight lid help minimize your cooking gas consumption. The more covered your pan is, the less gas you will use, if you can, cover your pan properly to prevent steam from escaping. Steam prepares food faster than the original heat from the gas stove.

Soaking food

For foods such as grains, including beans and green grams, since they take a long time to be ready, soak them first to reduce the time spent cooking, which minimizes gas consumption.

Type of flame used

Always use the blue (non-luminous) flame to reduce the burn rate. A yellow flame tends to consume more gas during combustion while producing less heat and releasing unburned gas.

Type of sound produced by your gas

Loud gas simply means that the gas escapes on its own when it is not burning. Therefore, your gas cylinder is likely to consume more gas.

Avoid heating food in advance

Always allow time for food to heat up according to the ambient temperature before reheating it using your gas cooker.

Avoid reheating refrigerated foods

Frozen foods tend to have low temperatures which therefore take more time and gas to break down the components


How much do you lose in the process of preparing food? This applies to the time spent preparing the ingredients while you are cooking. Plan ahead and have all the ingredients ready to minimize prep time when cooking, which in turn will reduce the amount of gas you use.

Police stand guard at illegal cooking gas filling plant in Karatina, Nyeri County

Police stand guard at illegal cooking gas filling plant in Karatina, Nyeri County

Daily Nation

Type of pot you are using

Preferably use pressure cookers on ordinary pots. If you can’t afford it, always make sure to add weight on top of your lid to contain the steam.

Gas cylinder prices

Tito Makau, a gas supplier based in Thika, Kiambu County, spoke with on the factors they take into account when pricing gas cylinders.

“The distance between the gas vendors and the supplier is a very crucial factor when determining the prices of gas cylinders because the further away they are the more expensive it becomes, the safety of the place is also a factor to consider, because we also have to be careful where we trade, ”Makau said.

“The price between the supplier and the sellers of gas is also a factor that we consider, different brands have different prices depending on whether they are multinational companies or regional companies, so different gas cylinders are likely to cost differently. “, he remarked.


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