Small fonts in business loan agreements


When we sign a business loan agreement or a payday loan , we should carefully read its provisions. Unfortunately, contracts are often multi-page documents that contain a lot of difficult phrases that look like a poppy on pages. That is why a small font is not very well known to us – often when we say that something was written in a small font or a small print, it was hardly visible at first glance. However, nowadays institutions are increasingly approaching customer expectations and constructing clear contracts.

The subject of a small font in the context of bank and non-bank offers is still a part of the discussion. Consumers complain that contracts are long, intricate and uncluttered. On the other hand, financial institutions are required to enter in all documents required by law. Over the years, anyone who wanted to take a business loan or business loan responsibly, was forced to devote their time to getting acquainted with the records and their analysis.

Is it possible to write a business loan or business loan agreement so that it can be read? Currently, more and more banks and non-banking companies insist that their contracts be easy to read. What is important, not only the consumer himself gains, but also a bank that has fewer complaints and more satisfied customers.

A clear contract, or what?

Here, not only the amount of text is important, but also the way it is presented. However, not only the large font is crucial here. Below we describe how we can recognize a clear contract.

A clear contract should have shorter, more accessible to the customer records that we will be able to understand immediately. Ideally, they should be given in the form of queries and responses, because then the customer can also easily find the information that they need most. Where possible, a simple form of addressing the client is also applied – instead of the account or borrower, you are referred to as “you”, which makes it easier to understand the records.

If, in turn, the presentation of entries is made, they are written in large, easy-to-read fonts, they are often placed in tables and contain highlighted headings and queries that schedule information about contract entries. The most important information is in bold or otherwise marked, for example a pictogram.

We will be able to read and understand this agreement without any problems . Thanks to this we will sign the contract without any problems and if we want to check its records, when we need it, we will be able to easily find them.

What if the contract is written in a small print?

If, however, an installment business loan or a business loan is offered with a contract written in small font, in this case we will have to read very carefully its provisions. It’s best to spend more time on it to make sure you understand all the records. When we do not understand something, let’s consult a bank or business loan company or ask another person who knows finances.


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