Singer Jackie’s Boy drops music video for new single, “Recipe”

Hit-maker, songwriter, composer and actor, Jackie’s Boy wrote 12 songs that reached #1 on Billboard’s Charts™ and sold over 18 million albums under his pseudonym, Carlos Battey. With the success of his latest single, “No Lifeguard”, which peaked at number two on the Indie R&B streaming charts, Jackie’s Boy’s is releasing new music in 2022, reintroducing himself as an artist, actor, man businessman and co-founder of the independent label Big Circle Music Group.

A fan of 90s R&B, Jackie’s Boy released a 3-EP project titled The Show, The After Party and The Hotel under his label, Big Circle Music Group. The series’ debut EP, The Show (2021), featured four songs including “No Lifeguard”, which peaked at number two on the Indie R&B streaming charts. His new single, “Recipe”, is a fusion of funk, soul and showmanship and pays homage to movie classics, “Coming To America” ​​and “Coming 2 America”, both of which feature Eddie Murphy as Randy Watson, the outrageous lead singer of Sexual Chocolate and Arsenio Hall preaching as Reverend Brown.

In the music video for “Recipe,” Jackie’s Boy impersonates Watson by introducing a new character, Cadillac Fontaine, and his business partner, Darryl Johnson, also plays a pastor, visually recreating the movie’s classic scene with the Sexual Chocolate Band. “Coming To America is one of my favorite movies and my favorite scene in the movie takes place at the church talent show. I love how Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall play multiple characters throughout the movie , so my business partner Darryl and I recreated characters with some slight creative adaptations.

In the character, Cadillac Fontaine, I wanted to embody James Brown’s showmanship, but with a nod to Trinidad James, who brought a certain style and flash to hip-hop,” Jackie’s Boy shares. “If you watch ‘Recipe’ carefully, you’ll also see us playing several roles including Early and Romello selling ‘special’ brownies. It was about having fun with the music and not taking ourselves too seriously. There’s so much going on in the world right now, it’s good to laugh.”

This isn’t the first time Jackie’s Boy has dabbled in comedy. Originally from Savannah GA, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music and acting. His acting credits include Steps Of Faith (2014), Marmaduke (2010), Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001) and Bryant Myers: Low Key (2019)

The new single, “Recipe”, is featured on Jackie’s Boy’s upcoming EP, The After Party. Check out “Recipe” the new single and watch the music video featuring Jackie Boy playing several characters including Cadillac Fontaine directed by Tristan Brown. Stream “Recipe” here. Watch the video clip here.

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About Jackie’s Boy

Under the pseudonym Carlos Battey, Jackie’s Boy wrote 12 songs that reached #1 on Billboard’s Charts™ and sold over 18 million albums. The award-winning songs he wrote, produced and vocally arranged received GRAMMY® nominations, including: “Best Pop Album” for Justin Bieber, “Best Rap Album” for Flo Rida and “Best R&B Album” for Charlie Wilson . “Revolver”, a song he wrote for Madonna ft. Lil Wayne received a Grammy™ Award in 2011 in the category “Best Remixed Recording Non-Classical”. He has also written hit singles for Sean Kingston, Jason Derulo, Dave Guetta, Chris Brown, Peter Andre, Ron Isley, Charlie Wilson, Johnny Gill, New Edition and Avicii.

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