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Sam Burgess says his “heart” remains with South Sydney but admits joining Wayne Bennett is an “appetizing” prospect as the NRL great considers his future as a coach.

The South Sydney premiership winner is set to make a call over his future over the next fortnight and has two compelling offers ahead of him.

The Russell Crowe-backed Souths want the former striker to stay at the club while the competition’s most experienced coach wants Burgess to be at the epicenter of the Dolphins’ emergence.

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Sam Burgess is considering leaving the Rabbitohs to join former head coach Wayne Bennett at the Dolphins. Photo: AAPSource: AAP

Speaking on ‘The Bye Round with James Graham‘, Burgess said he was torn between going with his heart or listening to his head.

“It’s appetizing,” Burgess said.

“I worked with Wayne for a long time in England and at Souths. You know what a great man he is.

“So as a budding young manager it’s appetizing. Plus what I also like is that it’s not another NRL club – I have no history with it. club, I don’t have any kind of bad blood or anything.

“Also the chance to learn alongside Wayne on a new franchise, when does that happen? It’s not often that a new franchise comes along and Wayne Bennett is the coach.

“In that regard, I think it’s a good opportunity for growth. There is still a little way to go before we get there.

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Burgess denied his head was dominating, but admitted the prospect of rekindling his relationship with Bennett was compelling.

“I wouldn’t say it’s there. Like what interests me for sure. I would be stupid not to be,” he said.

“My head, my heart is probably South Sydney because I’ve given so much to the club. I feel this deep appeal to the place.

“Wayne wants me there, I would love to work with him.”


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His former teammate Cameron Murray said one of the first things he would do after Sunday’s second State of Origin in Perth would be to call Burgess to try and twist his arm to commit to South Sydney.

“Sam is such a lively character, he’s good for morale, he’s fun, one of the most experienced strikers in the game so there’s nobody better to have on your side,” Murray said. The Sydney Morning Herald.

“He is also South Sydney through and through. I haven’t picked up the phone yet, but I hope Sam won’t make any decisions until I call.

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Burgess spoke to the Blues ahead of Origin’s opener earlier this month and Murray said the former fullback’s “presence” was second to none.

“I’m still learning what kind of presence he had when he was playing,” Murray said.

“He entered [NSW] camp, sat on stage and told a few stories about his playing days and also a few stories about the people in the room

“I remember coming out and everyone having their own story with Sam Burgess and how scary it was to come up against him and how happy people were when he wasn’t nominated to play against them.

“I was probably young and naive to the fact that he had such a big presence in our game and a psychological advantage over the opposition before he even ran onto the pitch. It would definitely be good for Souths if we could get him.

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