Real Housewives Paris & Kathy Hilton Are Hot On TV


Paris Hilton and her mother Kathy have more than their perfectly tinted blonde locks, unwrinkled faces and a last name in common. Like Paris did on Fox’s early 2000s reality series “The Simple Life,” Kathy captivated viewers with her moments of naivety.

Kathy, who starred in shows like “Bewitched”, “Happy Days” and “The Rockford Files” as a teenager, quickly became a fan favorite of Bravo’s unscripted series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills“(Wednesday, 8 EDT / PDT) after joining the series this season,.

Paris returned to the small screen on August 4 with the debut of Netflix’s “Cooking with Paris,” in which she tries to master the dishes with the help of her famous friends. She enjoys watching her mom make a splash on reality TV. Kathy, 62, fills the role of a ‘friend’ (not an official ‘housewife’), fun and sometimes playing pranks on her cast mates, including her younger sister, Kyle Richards.

Paris, 40, says she sees herself in her mother’s “Real Housewives” antics, which she quickly advances through scenes without Kathy “because I’m so busy.”

“I think we’re both a lot of fun and we have a playful side,” Paris says. “Watching the show, I can see that I get a lot of my humor and the way I am (from) my mom. (She) is one of the funniest people in the world, and that’s the true OG. “

Among Kathy’s celebrated moments: sipping a Red Bull energy drink at 1:05 am because she “thought it was just a soft drink” and asking in earnest, during an explosion between housewives Sutton Stracke and Crystal Kung Minkoff, who “Hunky-dory” is.

Kathy tickled her castmates in last week’s episode when she asked Richards for a straw and chia seeds. Richards told fellow housewives that she believed Kathy, who lived in the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, was operating her home “like a hotel too.” It makes sense given that she married Rick Hilton, grandson ofhotel mogul Conrad Hilton, in 1979.)

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Kathy blames some of her blunders – like the Red Bull incident and the introduction of ear drops in her peepers – on poor eyesight and “always losing” her glasses.

“I saw that there were Coke and 7UP and all that. I didn’t want that because of the sugar,” she said. “So I just grabbed something. I’m not wearing my glasses in the fridge, and it was okay.”

Kathy says the show’s portrayal is true to life but downplays its complexity. “I feel like everyone sees the silly side, but I also have my serious side,” she says. “I walked in with a very small part. Still, I do a lot more than they show. There are eight girls, so you can’t really see everything. I could have a very smart and intellectual conversation, but they don’t get into that. ”

Seeing herself on television made Kathy more aware of herself.

“I never thought of myself as eccentric,” she says. “And I asked a lot of my close friends, ‘Am I eccentric?’ They go, ‘Of course you are!’ I’m like ‘Really?’ They’re like, ‘Well you’re fun.’ I’m not hurting anyone, I’m just trying to enjoy my life.

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Kathy Hilton has joined Bravo "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" for its 11th season, which kicked off in May.

Paris admits she had concerns about her mother joining the franchise. Her younger sister, Nicky Hilton Rothschild, revealed during an appearance in June on the network’s “Watch What Happens Live” that She cried on the casting of his mother. Paris says the drama between Kyle and her younger sister Kim Richards, a housewife for the show’s first five seasons, worried her and Nicky.

“After what we saw happen with our aunts fighting on the show, that was the last thing we would want is for our mom to be involved in the drama,” Paris said. “(With) this show, there’s a lot of argument all the time. But just like my mom told me not to do” The Simple Life “and I did – and after seeing it, she called me and said, “I was wrong. I love that. It’s hilarious, and I’m so proud of you. – I did the same with her. I called her up and said, “I was wrong. You are amazing and you do perfectly well, and you don’t get involved in the drama, and I’m so proud of how you are on the show. . ‘”

“Real Housewives” and “Cooking With Paris” prove the Hiltons need some cooking tips. Kathy tried to clean the glass with a grill brush. Paris is not sure what a whip or a pincer is.

“Tong. I didn’t know it was called that,” she told guest Kim Kardashian West. “I just called it ‘the pickup thing’.”

“Cooking” sounds like a variation of his character from “The Simple Life,” in which Paris and Nicole Richie were exposed to the average American way of life and worked at Sonic Drive-In and a dairy farm.

“I want this show to be very playful and fun,” says Paris. “I have my serious side when there’s a chance for it. But when I’m my fun and playful side, I feel like it’s really like my ‘Simple Life’ character.”

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During an episode of "Cooking with Paris," the entrepreneur uses a diamond-shaped cookie cutter on a burger patty.  In the series, she creates dishes with her whimsical flair.

The character – a carefree, sometimes giddy blonde who once asked “What is Walmart?” Do they sell wall stuff? »- helped Paris to launch an empire. She’s a DJ / model, she has a TV production company in conjunction with Warner Bros., product lines including fragrance and skin care, and a podcast.

“The character is part of me because I’ve been doing it for so long,” she says. In “Kitchen”, “everything is real – everything I say and do, but … I’m definitely not a stupid blonde, just very good at pretending to be. I play character and I have a lot of fun with it that way. Because I just feel like everyone, especially being stuck in their homes during the pandemic… needs a show that will just make them smile and laugh and have fun and have a good time. ”

Paris says she “learned so much” from her new series. She cooks the frittata she cooked with Kardashian West for her fiance, entrepreneur Carter Reum, “almost every weekend for brunch.”

Kathy and Nicky appear in the season finale of “Cooking with Paris” to cook up an extravagant steakhouse meal with gold-speckled onion rings and truffle butter with mushrooms that cost $ 1,000 a pound as an ingredient star.

Paris Hilton shows her mother Kathy Hilton, center, and sister, Nicky Hilton Rothschild, how she puts on sunglasses while chopping onions to minimize tears.

Paris and Kathy are also helping to plan the Paris wedding, which will be documented in Peacock’s “Paris in Love,” slated for fall.

“We’ve been touring every day for the past two months,” she says. “It’s definitely stressful to be a bride-to-be, but my mom has been amazing, helping me plan and put everything in place.

“But, obviously because of the pandemic, a lot of marriages have been moved to this fall,” she continues. “So it was hard to find the venue we wanted, and also with the guest list because I always dreamed of having this great wedding with all my friends all over the world. But (with) what is happening going on in the world and everything is so uncertain, I won’t be able to have this huge, giant wedding. It’s definitely going to be more intimate. “

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