Raleigh Home Show Offers Home Improvement Options Following Crazy Housing Market


RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) The housing market is crazy right now: homes are sold before they even officially go on sale.

When homes hit the market, they sell for thousands of dollars above the asking price.

Some folks at the Fairgrounds Southern Ideal Home Show on Saturday in Raleigh were looking for ways to renovate their homes, without buying a new property, instead.

“We have a lot of projects around our house,” said Sam Whitmayer-Weathers, another participant, who is trying to close projects.

For different reasons, people wandered the aisles of vendors showcasing new windows, new doors, new bathrooms, and new backyard getaways, checking out all the new designs and getting inspired.

“(People) go into the kitchen every day and think, ‘Why do I have to live like this, I can make it better,'” Whitmayer-Weathers said.

But buying a new home right now is difficult. Many people choose to fix what they already have.

“The problem is, the inventory is going down, there isn’t enough land to build new homes,” Whitmayer-Weathers said. “Maybe we can enjoy a new bathroom afterwards.”

Costin said that due to product prices and low inventory, he believes the renovation should be in people’s best interests.

“It’s a good idea to renovate. The prices are so high right now (to buy), ”said Avery Costin, an attendee at the event.

Some families said they also hope to enjoy their work in the next few years.

“I think there are a lot of people here today who are tired of looking at the same condition every day and they feel like this is a way to get a new home without moving,” said Whitmayer-Weathers.

But even choosing to renovate, others are using the pandemic’s downtime as an opportunity to strategize instead of just making housing changes.

“I’m trying to fix my house and sell it in the early spring,” Costin said. “I want the maximum return on my property.

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