‘Queer Eye’ cast gets their own Lego set


Move, Harry potter. There’s a new Lego set in town and it’s at least five times more fabulous than any other Lego set created previously.

The Fab 5 from Netflix’s “Queer Eye” was officially immortalized in a Lego set, serving up some reality with pieces to build their entire loft and a handful of truly perfect accessories.

The 974-piece set includes all the details that make up the original Fab 5 Atlanta loft, including a kitchen island for Antoni Porowski, a clothes rack for Tan France, the swivel lounge chair by Jonathan Van Ness, and the sofa and Karamo Brown’s scrapbook. The Lego loft is even endorsed by Bobby Berk, as he actually helped design the set!


Measuring over 3.5 inches in height, 13.5 inches in width and 8.5 inches in depth, the Queer Eye – Le Fab 5 Loft the set also includes a TV, various plants and fun decor like a ‘Yaaaas Queen’ sign hanging on the wall in the food.

Of course, you’ll also get miniature versions of each of the Fab 5s, along with Bruley the dog and two Kathi Dooley figures. She was Van Ness‘former music teacher, but also received A transformation on the show. To accompany Dooley’s minifigures, there is also a transformation chamber to recreate his “before” and “after” revelations.

Designed for ages 18 and up, the set costs $ 99. It will be available on the Lego website from October 1.


This “Queer Eye” set is just one of thousands of constructions Lego has created, including, as mentioned, many “Harry Potter” kits. The latest kit for Harry Potter fans just released a few months ago and contains 3,000 pieces.

The Hogwarts Icons Collector’s Edition Set celebrates the 20th anniversary of the launch of the first Harry potter Lego set. It follows the the adventures of harry potter and his friends and captures some of history’s most legendary characters and moments, like Harry’s owl, Hedwig, pictured with a customizable letter from Hogwarts.


You can also buy a “Sesame Street” box, a Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer and two different sets for “Friends” including one of the Central Perk and another of the two apartments in the TV series. Beyond “Harry Potter”, “Star Wars”, DC, wonder, Disney and other licensed properties, Lego offers its own themes such as those of the City and Friends sets, as well as lines of architecture and art more suited to adults. And with Lego Ideas, people can see their own featured sets come to life if their projects receive enough love online; the lego grand piano is one of them.

Will you be purchasing the new Lego Queer Eye kit when it becomes available in October?

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