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Video surveillance at Cook & The Cork restaurant.

By Kevin Deutsch

A pride flag was flown from a popular gourmet restaurant in Coral Springs on Wednesday, ripped from the building by someone caught on CCTV, the restaurant’s co-owner said.

Dena Lowell Blauschild, co-owner The cook and the stopper restaurant with her husband Keith, was in the middle of dinner service Wednesday night when she noticed something wrong: the establishment’s colorful pride flag – hanging prominently outside the business for pride month – was gone.

A search of the restaurant’s surveillance camera video showed a person leaping in the air and snatching the company flag at 9890 W. Sample Rd., Along with the flag pole attached, at 2:53 am, said Lowell Blauschild.

The person then walked to the Checkers restaurant across the street before disappearing from view.

“It’s a happy, inclusive and positive symbol, and the irony of someone stealing it … that’s not what it is,” Lowell Blauschild said of the flag.

She said she was not sure the theft was intended as a gesture of hatred, “but because of what the flag symbolizes, it is even more upsetting for us.”

The award-winning restaurant, which opened in 2014, is known as a welcoming melting pot that draws customers of all backgrounds and creeds. In 2015 and 2016, The Cook & The Cork received the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. In 2017, he received a Distinguished Restaurant of North America award.

Lowell Blauschild said the restaurant has always proudly displayed its pride flag because it was a “wonderful message to spread”.

“Some people feel marginalized and others feel excluded or uncomfortable, especially in a gastronomic situation,” she said. “So I made it a point to always fly our pride flag whenever possible.”

She said many customers thanked the company for raising the flag and giving them a warm welcome.

“It’s very inspiring for me to celebrate the pride,” said Lowell Blauschild.

The restaurant at one point flew its flag all year round, but “started receiving hate mail” which frightened Lowell Blauschild, she said.

“And then it happened.”

She said she plans to report the incident to Coral Springs Police on Thursday.

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Kevin deutsch
Kevin deutsch

Kevin Deutsch is an award-winning criminal journalist and author. A graduate of Florida International University, Kevin has served on staff for the Miami Herald, the New York Daily News, and the Palm Beach Post.


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