Prices for essential kitchen items show a mix trend – Markets

ISLAMABAD: The prices of essential kitchen items excluding sugar, eggs and chicken have trended upward during this week compared to the previous week, a Business Recorder survey found on Saturday revealed.

The survey observed that the price of chicken has increased from Rs 9,800 per 40 kg in the wholesale market to Rs 8,800 per 40 kg, while in the retail trade the chicken is sold at Rs 240-250 per kg against Rs 270 per kg, and the price of chicken meat has increased from Rs 390 per kg. kg to Rs360 per kg.

Egg prices have been reduced from Rs 5,500 per carton to Rs 5,300 per carton, which retail for Rs 185 per dozen against Rs 190 per dozen.

With the shift of winter, the price of firewood has increased from Rs 800 per 40 kg to Rs 850 per 40 kg, the retail price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) has increased from Rs 260 per kg to 270 Rs per kg, while the 15 kg LPG cylinder is sold at Rs 3,400 per kg. cylinder. LPG in the hilly regions of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan is sold between Rs 280 per kg and Rs 300 per kg. Prices for the best quality Dalda cooking oil have increased from Rs 400 per liter to Rs 405 per pack, while the prices of B grade cooking oil brands like Phool have increased from Rs 4,500 per carton. at Rs 4,600 per carton, which is retailed at Rs 300 per carton. Pack of 900 grams against Rs280 per pack of 900 grams.

The prices of ghee and cooking oil since December 2020 are on the rise because during this period the price of the best quality ghee / cooking oil has increased by Rs 155 per kg from Rs 250 per kg to Rs 405 per kg, while the price of B grade ghee / cooking oil increased from Rs140 per pack from 900 grams to Rs160 to Rs300 per pack.

During the week under review, wheat flour prices remained stable as a 15 kg bag of good quality wheat flour is available at Rs 1,100 per 15 kg, which is retailed at Rs 1,220. Rs the bag. While the price of the government sponsored 20 kg bag of wheat flour has remained stable at Rs 1,140 per bag.

The price of sugar, which three weeks ago hit a record high of Rs 7,600 per 50 kg bag, fell again from Rs 5,200 per 50 kg bag to Rs 4,550 per bag, which is retailed at Rs 100 per kg against Rs 110-120 per kg.

The price of mutton during the week under review increased further from Rs 1,400 per kg to Rs 1,450 per kg, while beef prices remained stable at Rs 800 per kg, bone-in beef at 650 Rs per kg.

The whole range of legume prices saw an increase as fine quality mash increased by Rs 10 per kg from Rs 280 per kg to Rs 290 per kg, with better quality lentils increasing from Rs 190 per kg to 200 Rs per kg. Best quality bean lentil from Rs 280 per kg to Rs 290 per kg, masoor from Rs 190 per kg to Rs 200 per kg, best quality whole gram from Rs 180 per kg to Rs 200 per kg, and the price of moong is stable at Rs 140 per kg.

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