Phillips Forged creates cutlery combined with creativity


John Phillips combines his love of metalworking and cooking to create unique handcrafted kitchen knives.

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee – Knoxville is known as Maker City, and it’s companies like Forged phillips that fuel the fire of creativity.

It is an artisanal cutlery that is gaining national recognition for the owner’s astute cutlery.

John Phillips set up his forge and workshop in the garage behind his home in Northwest Knoxville. If you listen carefully enough, you will hear the sounds of sharp art in the making.

“Phillips Forged Knives is my company where we make Damascus carbon steel kitchen cutlery,” Phillips said.

He is proud to be part of a community dedicated to arts and crafts.

“There are so many artisans here, and so many people here that it’s really cool that we have this environment where I can make and sell these things,” Phillips said.

He has always had in him a passion for metal and art. College encouraged him to join these passions.

“I got into knife making while studying fine arts at the University of Tennessee, where I learned metalworking and to combine that with my love of food and my curiosity for crafting,” Phillips said.

Its knives are unlike anything you’ve seen before. No two are the same.

“The patterns are really what makes my knives special,” Phillips said. “I make a special type of steel called Damascus steel, which layers metallurgically different metals to create these beautiful patterns, and I use special machines that I have developed to make all of this happen.”

His work gained national recognition when he won the History Channel show, Forged in Fire 2019 Season 6 Episode 20.

“Forged in Fire is a show where the blacksmiths are basically led into a room they’ve never been in before and are given a bunch of metal that they don’t know what it is, and then told they have to. make a knife and then the judges proceed to destroy the knives, ”Phillips said.

At each step of the process, he pays close attention to each blade.

“A lot of people don’t realize that a handmade knife takes hours to make and that there are, you know, almost 100 steps to complete a part, so it’s a whole different product from a commercial knife you would get at the store, Phillips said.

This unique kitchen tool is meant to stimulate creativity.

“You want to have a functional work of art and you want to have something that will inspire you to then do beautiful things, so that’s what I really love about making kitchen knives is that these tools inspire other artists. “

He avoids having “too many irons in the fire” and always looks forward to his next handmade piece.

“My favorite thing that I did was usually the last thing I did,” Phillips said. “Everything I’m working on is where I put all of my energy, and I really try to push the idea that’s in front of me as far as I can, and then I move on.”

His goal is to inspire others, and said the businesses are planning to expand near downtown Knoxville, to create a brick and mortar store.

He recently completed a set for Blackberry farm and is working on a special line of kitchen utensils that he hopes to launch soon.

Phillips said each of his knives can range from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000.

If you want to buy a craft knife, sign up for the Phillips Forged newsletter. This is the best way to find new versions.

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