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PESHAWAR: Considerable increase in prices of daily use items, which include live chicken/meat, sugar, cooking oil/ghee, flour, vegetables, tomatoes, pulses, black tea , green tea and others, has been observed in the retail market, according to a survey conducted by company registrar here on Sunday.

The price of live chicken/meat was Rs 211 compared to Rs 196 per kilogram the previous week, showing an increase of Rs 15 per kilogram in the local market, the survey noted.

However, the price of farm eggs remained unchanged as they were available at Rs180-190 per dozen in the local market.

The upward trend in cooking oil/ghee prices continued in the local market as this important cooking product of various brands/grades was being sold in the range of Rs 280-300 and Rs 350-350. Rs 400-410 per kilogram/litre in the retail market, the survey found.

Butchers are continuously pressuring the poverty stricken people by charging exorbitant tariffs as beef is sold at 550-600 rupees per kilogram against the official fixed rate of 350 rupees per kilogram, according to the survey. He also noted that mutton is sold at Rs1300-1400 per kilogram.

After the adoption of the mini-budget, the prices of most imported food products jumped in the country. Tea prices also increased in the local market to Rs 1,080 per kilogram from the price of Rs 1,000 per kilogram, while green tea was being sold at Rs 850-900 per kg from Rs 800 per kg, the survey noted. .

The price of flour remained high in the local market as an 80 kg bag of flour was sold at Rs 6,300-6,400, forcing bread makers [Tandoor owners] to raise the price to Rs20 from Rs15, the survey noted.

Similarly, the price of 20 kg bag of flour has also increased, it is available at Rs1350-1400-1450.

Amid rising cold weather, dried fruit prices have risen considerably in the local market while fresh fruit prices are so high that they are completely beyond the reach of the common man’s purchasing power. .

Fresh milk is sold at Rs150-160 per liter while yoghurt was available at Rs120-140 per kilogram, the survey noted.

A mixed trend in vegetable prices in the local market, notes the survey. One kilogram tomatoes are being sold at Rs150-160 per kilogram against the price of Rs80 per kilogram the previous week, while onion was available at Rs60-70 per kilogram.

Similarly, the price of ginger has risen from Rs 400 per kilogram to Rs 350 per kilogram, while that of garlic has risen from Rs 200 to Rs 250 per kg. Cucumber was available at Rs50-60 per kg, green chilli at Rs160 per kg while one kilogram lemon was available at Rs120 per kg.

Capsicum at Rs250 per kilogram, peas are available at Rs100-120 per kilogram, arvi at Rs100 per kilogram, cauliflower at Rs80 per kilogram, red potatoes at Rs80 per kilogram, cabbage at Rs80 per kilogram, bringle at Rs60 per kilogram .

Long, apple and round squashes were available in the range of 80-90 rupees per kilogram, while lady finger was available at 150-200 rupees per kilogram, one kilogram karela (bitter gourd) was sold at 200 rupees per kg, spinach at 30 rupees per pack, lemon at Rs120 per kilogram.

An upward trend in the prices of pulses/food grains has been observed in the retail market. Good quality rice (sela) was available at Rs160 per kilogram and Rs170-180 per kg, while toota rice was available at Rs100 per kilogram against Rs80 while good quality toota rice was sold at Rs120. Gram flour (baisen) is sold in the range of Rs 120 per kilogram in the retail market.

Dal mash is sold at Rs 300 per kg, large white channa was Rs 190-200 per kg, dal chilka (green) at Rs 160 per kg, dal chilka (black) at Rs 200 per kg . Moonge was available at Rs220 per kg. Dhoti dal is sold at Rs260 per kg.

Iranian apples are sold at 200 per kg while locally produced apples are available at Rs120-150 per kg, bananas are available at Rs50-60 and Rs70 per dozen, guava was available at Rs120-150 per kg, pomegranate at Rs200 per kg.

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