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TikToker Reveals Game-Changing Life Hack To Save Money On Flights

This new money-saving tip comes from Kevine McMillan (@mcmillansonthego). This new money-saving tip comes from Kevine McMillan (@mcmillansonthego). McMillan’s TikTok page is full of travel tips, but his video on buying plane tickets at the airport seemed to strike a chord. In its video, TikToker explains how waiting to arrive at the airport can help you avoid some pesky fees. However, the trick only works for certain airlines. Typically, McMillan’s advice works for budget airlines like Frontier, Spirit, and Allegiant. The reason, according to the travel advice site Airfarewatchdog, is that some airlines charge a fee for booking your ticket online. For example, Frontier calls this an “operator interface fee” and it typically adds around $ 10 or $ 20 to your total. It may not seem like much, but it adds up. For example, that means you could easily save $ 40 on a round-trip flight. If you fly even five times a year, that’s already $ 200. Still, it’s worth checking with your preferred airline before trying this strategy. Many TikTok users pointed out that various companies, like Delta, do not charge a separate fee for booking online. However, other users called the hack “game-changing” and were happy to try it. “I’ve been doing this for years,” added one user.

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