Patrick Mahomes’ brother was shown throwing water at Ravens fans on video; Mahomes responds


Patrick Mahomes’ brother Jackson Mahomes has gone viral because of a video that shows him throwing a bottle of water at Ravens fans during the “Sunday Night Football” game.

The Chiefs quarterback responded, saying that while he shouldn’t have done so, there were things that were said in the video that weren’t shown.

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“Yeah, I mean, that’s obviously something we don’t necessarily want to do,” Mahomes said, according to the Kansas City Star. “There were things that were said to her, and Brittany, that you kind of don’t see on the clip. But, I mean he’s been good at it, at not trying to respond to that stuff.

“He’s taking a lot and he’s generally pretty good at it, and he’ll learn from it and just try to stay away from these people as best he can.”

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The video begins with several Ravens fans saying, “Let’s go” and adding that they “feel sorry for you” while looking at the club where Jackson and Brittany Matthews, Patrick’s fiancee, were sitting. Jackson opens a water bottle and shakes it over the Ravens fans, who turn the camera around and continue to show their excitement at winning the game.

Jackson took to Twitter to respond, saying “they were thirsty.”

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Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas told people to leave Jackson alone, a message Matthews agreed with.

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