Outback Tik Tok Video Steakhouse Viral Twitter Reddit Shows Cook Making Steak On ‘Dirty Grill’


It has become a daily thing to see something go viral on the internet. From weird things to worrying things, there are plenty of videos making it onto the trending list and gaining a lot of internet users’ attention. Recently, a cook at a popular Outback Steakhouse restaurant went viral and has become a topic of debate among internet users. On Tuesday, December 21, 2021, a video emerged in which the cook was seen grilling multiple steaks at the same time on a grill that didn’t look so clean. Check all the details of the matter here in this article.

The now viral video has sparked debate about restaurant kitchens and the works. People wonder if they should even consider eating out after seeing the dirty kitchens in popular restaurants. However, some people also come to support the cook and restaurants by stating that it is quite common for large renowned restaurants with kitchens to be messy.

Outback Tik Tok Steakhouse viral video details

Internet users claim that preparing food for so many people is no easy task, and it will end up in the kitchen looking a bit messy and disorganized. Briefing the entire incident, the cook who also happens to be a Tik Toker shared Tik Tok backstage from his kitchen. His video showed him grilling about 20 steaks simultaneously on a dirty grill. Said video has garnered more than 53,000 views and 466 likes.

However, after the case became controversial, the cook removed the video this morning. The 14-second video shows a fan of squeezed steaks on a grill that doesn’t look clean as it is also seen dripping with oil. Now the whole affair has raised eyebrows in the general public, which has launched a debate on the matter. Speaking of Outback Steakhouse, this is a popular Australia-themed franchise that primarily specializes in providing affordable steaks in a relaxed environment.

The restaurant franchise is located in nearly 23 countries where it allows customers to sit comfortably and enjoy delicious and affordable steaks. After the video went viral, a few people took to Twitter and responded to it. They wrote that they would now refrain from eating in restaurants. Some have also written that mess is inevitable when preparing this amount of food at high speed. Stay tuned to this space for more updates!


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