North Texas family receives year of free milk after viral video leads to Twitter trolling


A Kennedale family will get free milk for a year after appearing in a news segment worrying about rising grocery prices.

The Stotler family have faced roasting on social media after parents Larry and Krista Stotler told CNN they were struggling to afford a dozen gallons of milk each week for their nine children, ages 3 to 23 years. Seven of the children are adopted or fostered.

Since the story aired last week, the clip posted to Twitter has been viewed 5.5 million times, with some users asking why the family is drinking so much milk.

When Dallas-based Oak Farms Dairy heard of the family’s troubles, they stepped in to offer the Stotlers free milk for the following year, about 625 gallons.

“It was a report on the impact of inflation on families, and we couldn’t believe this family was being ridiculed by so much on social media for the amount of milk they buy,” said Steve Gibson. , of Oak Farms Dairy, in a written statement. “We see a loving family who make space to welcome others and provide some of the most nutrient-dense foods available to their children.”

Larry and Krista Stotler told CNN they recently spent $ 1.99 a gallon, but inflation had pushed it up by almost $ 2 a gallon.

The Stotlers told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that they are grateful for the free milk and are trying to use the Twitter storm as a learning lesson for their children.

“A lot of our teens are 6ft 2in tall – tall, tall boys,” Krista Stotler told the newspaper. “We don’t provide them with soda. It’s cereal bowls, it’s cooking, it’s filling a 32-ounce glass and drinking and drinking it all, then filling it again.

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