Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Cooking: All Ingredients

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds is a game full of mysteries, including Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Cooking. The game gives its players a chance to choose their class, weapons, and pets, known as “pets,” and our guide on Reroll goes all in on that.

The game features thrilling battles and it is not easy for newbies to easily understand the dynamics of the game. Players usually need help to find ingredients.

If you’re also stuck and unable to find ingredients, this guide will come in handy. While you’re at it, be sure to read our guide to Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds chest locations.

What is cooking in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds

Food is important in the game because it makes you stronger. You need to have food before a battle to get the power you need to fight. There are two main locations for Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Cooking, one is the familiar forest and the other is your kingdom.

Cook in your kingdom

The exact location in your kingdom to cook is shown below in the image. Location in your kingdom

Once you reach this location, you will notice a cooking station in front of you. You will talk to the station NPC and prepare the food you want to cook. A menu bar will appear with different food options. You click on the food and it is prepared.

The food you master gives you more power. For example, if food gives players 300 power and you’re a master at it, you’ll get 500 power. You’ll keep clicking on those different foods because you want to build up as much energy as possible. Remember that each food has a different purpose and a different power.

You can also share the food you made in the kingdom with your friends. Five people can eat one food. However, the cooking system works differently in the familiar forest. We have mentioned the details of the familiar forest below.

Cooking in the familiar forest

The food here is more specific and contains no specific effects. You can cook in your farm’s oven using the ingredients you’ve grown here. The food you prepare in the familiar forest is not for empowerment; it is for the workers.

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds
Cooking in the familiar forest

You prepare food on the farm and give it to workers who need more power to keep working for you. If workers run out of electricity, they will stop working. It is important for workers to work, as they help your farm grow.

Where to find ingredients for cooking Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds

Ingredients are important for cooking, but players usually don’t know where to find these ingredients. We’ve covered everything to help you find these ingredients.

Abandoned ingredients

One way to find ingredients in the game is to find them in monster drops. Many important ingredients like Plainswort Flower, Soft Leather, Baneflower, and Shadeglass are found in the drops. Some ingredients and by whom they are deposited are mentioned below.

  • Plains Grass Flower: Dropped by Baatender
  • Soft leather: Dropped by Pom Pom
  • Banana : Dropped by Turburn
  • Shade glass: Dropped by Monolith
  • Ember Stone: Dropped by Eggroll
  • Angle: Dropped by Girlfiend
  • Drill screw: Dropped by Iron-Man
  • Jade Marble: Dropped by Scrambled Egg Roll

Ingredients from agriculture

Another way to get ingredients is to farm. As you farm, you’ll sometimes notice the ingredients for cooking food appear. Ingredients can also drop from trees when you farm. We’ve covered Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Territe Farming in one of our guides.

agricultural ingredients
agricultural ingredients

Skill Book Ingredients

You can also get ingredients by purchasing skill books from an NPC that become available almost every hour. She becomes available every hour, so be sure to visit her at the location shown in the picture.

Visiting her increases your chances of getting something nice from her. A tip here is to buy whatever is available right now.

Ni No Kuni Ingredients
Skill Book Ingredients

A general tip for all food types is to keep checking what each food does. Each food has a different function and you have to choose the ones that give more power to your character.

Foraging Points for Ingredients

Foraging Points are the locations that produce something useful for your resource items. Similarly, you can also find ingredients by digging around. We’ve enlisted some common foraging spots for ingredients.

Picking in cross worlds ni no kuni
Foraging Ingredients
  • Spring water supply point: Rolling hills and shimmering sands
  • Booster Shoots Foraging Point: Hills
  • Baneflower Foraging Point: Hall of Trials
  • Light cap power point: golden grove
  • Shade glass power point: The steps of genius
  • Wetstone power point: The Bayous
  • Angula power point: Robinson Island
  • Raw Steel Foraging Point: The melting plain

The Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds cooking system isn’t complex, but finding ingredients is. You can find ingredients by following the steps mentioned in the guide above. We’ve mentioned a few foraging spots in the guide, while you can always explore more places.

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