New AirPods, M1 Pro and M1 Max chips announced


Apple announces new chips, M1 Pro and M1 Max, for high-end MacBook Pro laptops

Apple M1 Pro

Source: Apple

Apple said the new MacBook Pro laptops are “completely redesigned.” They will sport Apple’s M1 Pro chip, a new processor that Apple says has a 10-core processor that Apple says is 70% faster than its current M1 chip.

Apple also announced the M1 Max, a more powerful version of the M1 and M1 Pro. It has 57 billion transistors, Apple said, and a 32-core graphics processor. Apple says its graphics processor compares favorably with current laptop GPUs, especially when it uses less power.

Apple continues to define its processors using performance per power consumption, instead of raw processing capacity. – Kif Leswing

Apple is announcing new third-generation AirPods with a new design, wireless charging, for $ 179.

The new AirPods will support spatial audio, with new sensors supporting features like spatial audio. They sport a new design, closer to the AirPods Pro, but they lack the rubber in-ear tip. The case also charges magnetically using Apple’s MagSafe Magnetic Charger.

Apple claims that the third-generation AirPods have more powerful bass than previous models and that the AirPods now have six hours of battery life for listening to audio.

The new AirPods cost $ 179 and will hit stores next week. Apple’s entry-level AirPods now cost $ 129. – Kif Leswing

Apple announces new HomePod Mini speaker in different colors

Apple’s $ 99 smart speaker HomePod Mini will launch in a variety of new colors. It is now available in orange, yellow and blue. Previously it was only available in white and dark gray.

Apple used colors to increase sales of products from the previous year since the iPod Nano came in multiple colors. – Kif Leswing

Apple announces $ 4.99 voice plan for Apple Music

Apple has announced a cheaper version of Apple Music called the “Voice Plan”. It costs $ 4.99 per month, which is lower than Spotify. The difference between the voice plan and Apple’s existing individual plan is that users can only access it through Siri and it doesn’t have spatial audio or other premium features. – Kif Leswing

Tim Cook says event will focus on music and Mac

After a video showing a musician creating a song from Apple’s startup sounds, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the event would focus on “Music and the Mac.” – Kif Leswing

Expect a lot of talk about chip speeds and silicon technology

Apple generally tries to position its Mac marketing away from “speeds and flows”.

In Apple’s world, its computers are something you use to create things. Focusing on the macOS experience and the actual clock speed of the processor, or the type or amount of RAM, or other specifications aimed at enthusiasts are secondary.

But if Apple plans to make the case that its more expensive MacBook Pro laptops are powerful enough to run pro-level applications with its own chips – and the marketing slogan “rampant” suggests it – Apple will have to discuss clock speeds and how they compare to other laptops that use Intel, AMD, or Qualcomm chips.

Last year, at Apple’s Mac launch in November, where he showcased the Apple M1 chip, he discussed “performance per watt,” arguing that it’s not absolute speed that matters, but speed. energy efficiency of chips. Apple has referred to “multithreaded workloads” and “unified memory architecture” and said its M1 chip has “16 billion transistors.”

Apple last year also talked about the “process technology” of its chip, which is the manufacturing node with which its chips are made. Apple uses TSMC’s 5 nanometer technology, which is currently the most advanced in the world.

Chip industry watchers will be watching closely whether Apple claims a performance crown and what stats it uses to make the comparison – whether it benchmarks its new chips against previous Apple chips, or benchmarks them against the competition.

Of course, the definitive answers won’t come until the new Apple chips hit computers and people have them in their homes and haven’t put them through a series of tests or benchmarks. – Kif Leswing

Hyperspace Travel

If you head over to Apple’s live stream of the event now, you’ll be treated to some trippy hyperspace animation. (It’s the same graphic that was on the invitation to Monday’s event.)

I’m not cool enough to know the music playing on the stream.

–Steve Kovach

Expect a new Apple processor for Mac

The event’s tagline, “unleashed,” most likely refers to Apple’s chips and Apple’s plans to announce new processors with additional graphics power. Apple Mac computers remain strategically important to Apple, as apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch can only be created on Mac computers.

Apple can maintain the momentum in its Mac sales if its new computers with high-end processing power are better suited to running intense applications such as 3D modeling. Customers will also be watching closely if Apple adds any additional ports beyond USB-C connections on current MacBooks, which are used for both charging and connecting peripherals. Apple could choose to reintroduce the HDMI ports to connect the computer to TVs and monitors, and bring back the magnetic charging connector that was discontinued from most Apple laptops around 5 years ago.

We’ll also find out the names of the new chips and how Apple plans to bring them to market. Last year’s chip was called M1, for example.

– Kif Leswing

The pressure is on

I think there is going to be a lot of additional pressure on Apple to deliver a truly “pro” MacBook.

A little history lesson.

Apple last performed a major overhaul of the MacBook Pro in 2016, and the product line suffered from a bane of issues and controversies. Broken keyboards. Eliminate the ports professionals love, like the SD memory card and HDMI ports. A touch screen instead of physical keys on the keyboard. Etc.

Now is the time for a reset. Apple will backtrack on many of its controversial MacBook decisions, according to the most credible rumors ahead of Monday’s event. Let’s see how the pros react.

–Steve Kovach

Apple CEO Tim Cook tweets a photo of the headquarters at sunrise

Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted a photo of the company’s headquarters, Apple Park in Cupertino, Calif., At sunrise.

But unlike in previous years, Cook didn’t need to be at Apple HQ to prepare for a live show. Monday’s launch will take place virtually via live video on Apple’s website and YouTube, and virtual launch events have so far been pre-recorded.

Apple has not hosted in-person launch events since the pandemic began. – Kif Leswing

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