National Bubble Tea Day 2022: Quick and easy bubble tea recipe to make at home (watch video)

National Bubble Tea Day is celebrated on April 30. This day does not have a deep history, but it is observed to celebrate people’s love for popular bubble tea. It is a sweet milk tea topped with white and black tapioca pearls that look like bubbles hence the name boba tea or bubble tea. The drink is said to have originated in Taiwan in the early 1980s and gained a lot of attention, slowly moving to parts of Asia and then eventually America. It is a popular drink of choice for many Asian Americans and American teenagers. Bubble tea is made by steeping black tea with milk or adding cream and you can either get ready-made tapioca balls or make Boba at home from tapioca paste. To celebrate National Bubble Tea Day 2022, here is a simple recipe for making bubble tea at home for bubble tea lovers. National Blueberry Pie Day 2022: Easy and delicious blueberry pie recipes you can try at home (watch videos).

Check out the recipe video here:

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