Meet the Gloucestershire TikTok stars who dance, share cooking videos and make millions laugh


Two years ago, a lot of people knew TikTok was the sound of a clock – or Ke $ ha’s 2009 hit.

But then 2020 came and a global pandemic broke out, forcing much of the world’s population to stay at home.

Struck by boredom, many people were glued to their phones and thus TikTok became the most downloaded app of 2020, bringing millions of people together during one of the world’s darkest times.

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Users uploaded dance videos to viral hits, shared coffee recipes and fun facts and memories to make other people’s lives a little more bearable.

With the growing popularity of the app, there has been its own variety of influencers and celebrities.

And with millions of TikTokers in the UK, inevitably we have our own team of TikTok stars in Gloucestershire.

Ranging from thousands to millions of views, these TikTokers all bring something a little different to the table, from vegan cooking recipes to fun videos on what it’s like to grow up with a baby. Nigerian mother.

If you know of anyone else who has grown in popularity on TikTok, let us know in the comments.

Without further ado, here is a list of Gloucestershire TikTokers that you should definitely follow.


Followers: 11.8k

Love: 267.8k

What do they do? Cheltenham-based Grayeats films delicious vegan baking videos.

The number of vegans in the UK increased by 40% in 2020, and many meat and dairy fanatics still don’t know how tasty vegan foods can be.

But the innovative and mouth-watering bites produced by Grayeats are enough to make even the most avid meat lover vegan.

One of the most interesting dishes TikToker produces is Baked Oats with Blueberry Jam, Baked Oats Jammie Dodger, and Protein Pancakes.

If you’re looking to go vegan or just looking for creative things to do in the kitchen, it’s definitely worth checking out this visionary Cheltonian.

Isa Pandor

Followers: 4.9k

Love: 460.6k

What do they do? Isa does TikToks with his brother, Yahya, who lost his eyesight last year due to a degenerative disease.

The brothers produce comedy skits where Isa teaches Yahya how to do things, like solve a Rubix cube and play pool.

Yahya also answers questions about being blind, including how he uses a phone and facts about braille that he cannot read.

He tells us that only 9% of the blind population can read braille, and that different languages ​​have their own versions.

The Gloucester-based brethren are raising awareness of Yahya’s condition in a way that is both light and educational, and they are definitely worth following.


Followers: 505.1k

Love: 10.6 m

What do they do? Providing a glimpse into life in a Nigerian household, Celia Tokosi, her daughters Rachael and Lizzie and Celia’s mother have built up a cult following across the globe.

Celia initially downloaded the app just to keep tabs on her teenage daughters, but her viral videos particularly resonated with Nigerians and other Africans, who share her videos with each other on WhatsApp.

If you are a fan of Sex Education then you might have seen Celia’s mom Mamak before as she stars in the latest series as Eric Effiong’s grandmother.

Dan Spragg

Subscribers: 1.2 m

Like: 21.9 m

Before the lockdown, Dan Spragg was selling cars; he never thought that one day in the near future he would be recognized filling his own car or shopping in his own at the local supermarket due to TikTok’s fame.

Dan, who lives in Brockworth, not only produced comedy and dance videos featuring himself and his growing family, but he also used his platform for good.

The 34-year-old raised over £ 2,000 for the NHS last year through a 24-hour live broadcast on his TikTok, with an NHS calendar he has put together with other influencers to raise an additional £ 3,000.

Daisy may cooper

Followers: 341.8k

Love: 1.8 m

What do they do? Cirencester’s own Daisy May Cooper rose to fame alongside her brother Charlie in recent years after the release of the BBC’s hit documentary “This Country”.

Now the Gloucestershire native is storming TikTok.

Daisy shared hilarious phone calls between herself and her editor, reenactments of government briefings, and Thomas The Tank Engine-themed dance videos on her account.

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