Marian Rivera’s Top 3 Tips for Housewives

Even the famous actress and housewife Marian Rivera knows that improving the house is not always easy. Especially in this time of limited options, skyrocketing prices and limited budgets. Furnishing any space, large or small, can certainly be a challenge.

Rivera is grateful, however, that as a brand ambassador for the online shopping mecca Shopee, she may well be helping her fellow housewives make the most of their abodes with what little they can spend these days. -this. So here are the GMA Primetime Queen and the Queen of Dantès’ top 3 tips on home design and practical must-haves.

Oh, but just before that, Rivera warns, “Always set a budget.” Even with her superstar status, budgeting for everything is still an important aspect for the 37-year-old star, especially when shopping for home and life essentials. And just like most housewives, the A-list celeb also searches for the best deals on her favorite shopping app.

Asked specifically about her best advice to new owners, Rivera shares, “Always look for a peg. In this way, mas makikita mo kung ano yung kailangan mong bilhin at kung anong kulang. [Always look for a peg. In that manner, you’ll see exactly what you need to buy and what’s still missing.]”

Reminding everyone of Thursday’s 7.7 sale, Rivera happily adds that the day is the best time to maximize budgets with promotions such as shipping coupons, 10% off tag prices and P49 deals. and lower for home essentials.

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As for her 3 long-awaited tips for housewives, read on and live well

Tip #1: Get Organized Everywhere

Too many clothes but not enough space? This hanging coset organizer is a lifesaver thanks to multiple pockets that are perfect for smaller items. Housewives can hang this organizer inside closets, in the bathroom or even in your laundry room.

Rivera also encourages the queen of the house to maximize every storage space by using knick-knacks like rotating wall hooks, which easily stick to any surface without damaging walls.

Avoid spilled and wasted toothpaste with the help of an automatic toothpaste dispenser, which doubles as a toothbrush storage to keep the sink area clean and tidy.

Organize groceries using a refrigerator storage box, which has a space-saving design that makes storing supplies easier and more convenient.

Tip #2: Prioritize!

Known for his multiple roles both on and off screen, Rivera’s most important thing is still being true to life. To be a mother is to be a mother to her children and to put everything they need first.

“Mahilig ako mag-ayos-ayos sa bahay lalo na pag wang ginagawa. The first thing to do is consider that ko is everyone’s safety.

“At dahil bata, maligalig and mahirap namang makatabig-tabig sila o malapit sa disgrasya so i always make sure kids are child friendly and namin sa bahay.”

In this category, Rivera advises using cups with a protective bottle. It has a non-slip, anti-scratch and anti-collision surface to protect the cup at all times.

Use a versatile bath ladle for everyday household chores, including watering plants, washing ingredients in the kitchen, or even for the kids’ next bath time.

Avoid leaving dangerous items that children can reach with the help of an under desk organizer, which can also be used for a home office setup.

Prevent any mishaps in the kitchen with an easy and safe bottle opener to easily open bottles and jars.

Tip #3: Choose convenience when shopping for your essentials

Rivera admits she’s an avid shopper and makes no secret that Shopee is her go-to source for home essentials.

Sharing more of what she usually buys, the famous wife and mom says, “I really like the cooking utensils and ingredients from kung anu-anong niluluto ko, lalo na minsan pag may mga ingredients na mahirap hanapin sa epicerie. “

She buys them online these days and guarantees a hassle-free cooking time every time, starting with a condiment organizer to help keep the spices in place aesthetically.

“Make cooking a fun and safe experience with these non-slip silicone oven mitts, which you can use to hold and transfer hot items. Replace your plastic containers with sealed jars, which come in different sizes for storing ingredients and extra foods. And always keep your cooking station spotlessly clean with versatile, quick-drying kitchen towels, which you can also use on kitchen utensils,” she runs through her list, ending with a satisfied smile.

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