Marcus Scribner shares his guide to Crenshaw in Los Angeles

Where to eat and drink

Jacks N Joe
Scribner doesn’t care what anyone else says, it’s the best breakfast “on planet earth”.

According to Scribner, their pancakes are amazing and they come with maple butter syrup. But her favorite dish is hash browns. “You can get really well done hash browns,” he suggested. “It’s over, it’s over. You’re having the best meal of your life.”

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffle House
President Obama stole Scribner’s special here – or so Scribner will tell you.

“I ordered this, [and] all of a sudden they changed it to the Obama Special when he pulled out the cup,” Scribner said. No disrespect to Obama, but Scribner’s command has always been the Obama Special, which includes three wings with a waffle (or potato salad or fries) Scribner just adds an extra waffle to the mix, and it’s his all-time favorite order.

Phillips Grill
Scribner is aware that he will receive a lot of flack for saying this, but that’s okay. “Phillips Barbecue is by far my favorite barbecue place,” he said.

“The meats are pretty good quality and the meats themselves are delicious and I love them,” he explained. “But it’s the accompaniments and the sauce that strike.” Their baked beans and macaroni salad are amazing, and you should put them right on your BBQ sandwich.

Just be careful: their sauces are spicy and the highest level is just too hot according to Scribner. His advice? Get the sauce mixed, and you’ll get sweet and hot together.

Upper Adams
This black-owned soul food restaurant looks amazing, and it tastes even better. The setting is upscale, and their dishes are authentic soul food. They have “the best fried chicken,” according to Scribner.

“I like it because the chicken is moist, but it’s not too moist,” he explained. “It’s real chicken, which has good moisture and the skin is perfect.” If you’re not in the mood for chicken, their oxtails are also a great choice. You shouldn’t miss the cornbread either.

Gus’ World Famous Fried Chicken
This place is so good it started in Tennessee and eventually expanded to Los Angeles.

“It’s just the bomb,” Scribner said. “The fried chicken is so good and spicy, which I love.” Their collard greens and baked beans are also a must, and only Scribner would know. “I love baked beans,” he said. “I used to eat Bush’s baked beans straight out of the box, bruh. I’m crazy. I’m about this life.”

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