Man caught spitting on rotis while cooking, arrested after video goes viral (WATCH)


New Delhi: The video of a man spitting on it tandoori rotis cooking shocked many on the internet on Sunday. In the viral video, the man could be seen spitting on rotis before putting them in the Tandoor. The incident allegedly took place at a dhaba in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

The video’s cook was arrested after the video went viral on social media and internet users demanded strict action against him. The man has been identified as Tamizuddin, from Kishanganj district in Bihar.

In the viral clip, many people could be seen standing in the restaurant, but no one paid attention to Tamizuddin’s actions until a customer recorded the vicious action on their cell phone camera.

Watch the video here:

The police administration sprang into action after internet users, annoyed by the viral clip, retweeted the video tagging Ghaziabad police, urging them to act.

Tamijuddin has now been arrested and sent to jail, while a report has also been filed against Chicken Point, the restaurant where he worked.

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