Local artists selected for regional art exhibition at the Walton Arts Center

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More than 70 local artists have been selected to showcase their work at the Walton Arts Center’s upcoming Regional Art Show this fall.

The exhibit, titled “Our Art, Our Region, Our Time,” is set to open Oct. 6 and run through Nov. 14 at the Joy Pratt Markham Gallery inside the Walton Arts Center.

A total of 74 artists were selected for the exhibition out of over 200 artists who submitted work for consideration in the exhibition. Submissions were up 55% from a year ago, officials said.

“It was a joy to review the work and curate the 2022 exhibit,” said Kathy Thompson, longtime Fayetteville artist and exhibit curator. “As in 2021, the themes of isolation and self-reflection are still strong among the works, but this year the size and scale of the individual artworks are much greater. This exhibition will have a big impact on patrons.

The show will open with a reception starting at 6 p.m. on Thursday, October 6, which is free and open to the public.

The gallery is open weekdays from noon to 2:00 p.m. and one hour before any Walton Arts Center show and during intermission.

A full list of artists selected for the show is below.

For more information on Our Art, Our Region, Our Time, visit waltonartscenter.org.

Bella Vista
Paige Dirksen – willow
Stephanie Lewis- The man who illustrates

Ekaterina Kuznetsova – Course
Somnath Mukherjee – Aji
Derek P. Scott- Quince & Berries
Amy Terry – Opaline Coral
Jan Waldon – Sophia and Pollen

Mim Wynne– Chroma 2

Eureka Springs
John Rankine– What would John do (a self-portrait)
ZeekTaylor – Hello Dolly

Maryam Amirvaghefi – You can’t hide
Jennifer Baugh- three mirrors
Whitney Allen Johnston Bell– Gus and Babs in Palo Duro Canyon
Aaron Bleidt- Off World
Skye Compton– Why
Daniel Coston – Hoodoos in the fog on Petit Jean
Lara Felipe – We all fall
Shelby Fleming– Brittle
Vincent Frimpong – Untitled and Americana
Aaron Gilles – Dream and helping hand
Kathleen Shannon O’Brien Hale – When you judge a woman by her looks, that doesn’t define her, it defines you.
Pat Hennon – Food
Kylanna Hardaway – A Lil Birdie told me
Nick Hobbs – Lifting and dizziness
Susan Idlet– Sandbox
Marc Jackson– Arkansas and Trivel Poison Berries
Hank Kaminsky – Untitled and untitled
Acadie Kandora – Self-portrait 2022
Shabana Kauser– Dupatta #9
Maurice Konklé – after/because
Rebecca Ann LaTourette – radiate me
Leilani Law – Chaosmos I
Michel Louis LeBlanc – MEAL Stage 1
Kellie Rushelle Lehr – Daydreams; residual
Cate McCoy– Painted Cliffs, Buffalo Point
Brian Meyer– morning dunes
Shelley Mouber– Their face by Dolce & Gabana
Ray Allen Parker– She breathes with the trees
Sabine Schmidt – School, Charleston, Franklin County
Chris Schultz– Big Green Mound
Dea Self – snow at the end of March
JooEun Seo– golden tears
Steven Schneider– Solitude
Joel Storet – Communion
Deborah Thomas – Untitled (Circles of Amana)
Jody Travis Thompson– Variants
southern walker – Jerry Garcia and the Bee Gees
Tim Walker– Fragile/Strong No. 1, Adhesion

Fort Smith
Sarah Ridgley- Memory of the Water Lilies 001
Amy Scoggins– three chairs

Leon Niehues – 3 figures

Eugene Sargent – Eastern Hercules Beetle – female

Scott Litzman– Great Horn of the Rockies

Louise Halsey- The Gaia Paradigm

Therese Conway – Mist over Lake Atalanta
Cory Corbett– Daisy
Chuck Davis – First Nations Bartender–Roland Pinault and Whose Name?
David Gomez – The Gallery
Catherine Goenner – The unkempt kitchen
Pat Lewis– Ephemeral Frost
Monica McCleary – Jade chair and footstool

Daniel Kostic – The bride

Christian Kinya – Because I wanted
Kirby Clark– Striptease
Larry Copas – Perch stool
Brian Elenbarger– Silo No. 3/Winter Wheat
Anna Kennedy Guyton– Overwhelmed
Shay Holloway- There’s me, somewhere in between
Brandon Jennings– Herd
Milan Jilka – pink moons

Van Buren
Mary Elkins- Regain your independence

Katelyn Kingcade – Adrift in the Stream

Cindy Arsaga– Close to Terlingua
Cheryl Buell– Pirate of the high seas and subconscious against conscious


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