Last week to see Clyde’s comedy on Broadway; all remaining performances will be broadcast simultaneously

It’s the last week to see one of Broadway’s most acclaimed new plays this season – the comedy Clyde’s, and even if you can’t make it to the theater, there’s always a way to see the show as it is. that it is performed live in front of an audience.

The laughs in “Clyde’s” are served from a truck stop. A belittling boss played by Uzo Aduba and a team of former incarcerated sandwich makers, including the older kitchen statesmen played by Ron Cephas Jones, trying to find their way through life.

Clyde’s is played at the Hayes Theater, and although it’s the smallest venue on Broadway, the kitchen door opens wider. All remaining performances will also be broadcast simultaneously.

But as the Omicron explosion hurt Broadway ticket sales, actor Reza Salazar came to see simulcasting as a good way for Clyde’s to expand its audience.

“We were kind of looking at each other, it’s kind of a blessing in disguise,” says Salazar.

The simultaneous airing of a Broadway performance is almost unheard of. Clyde’s simulcast of his last two weeks for a limited number of ticket buyers was made possible by a special deal with the Broadway Unions. Director Kate Whoriskey is hoping this won’t be the last show to do so.

“It’s a really nice way to invite people who can’t come, and if we really do our job and really find the communities, we’re going to invite them and bring them to the shows, that would be wonderful,” said Whoriskey. .

The piece is expected to end its limited release on Sunday.

Tickets for Clyde’s, which is a Second Stage Theater production, are available in person and simulcast through Sunday.

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