Kitchenware Prices Show Mixed Trend – Markets

ISLAMABAD: Prices for kitchen essentials saw a mixed trend this week compared to the previous week, a survey by company registrarhere Saturday.

The survey observed a mixed trend in vegetable prices, a downward trend in the prices of wheat flour, ghee cooking oil and pulses, and an upward trend in the prices of sugar, chicken, eggs and fruit, while a trend towards stabilization in the prices of cooked food products, fresh milk, yogurt, spices, legumes and tea prices.

The survey observed an increase in the price of chicken as it rose from Rs8,600 to Rs9,000 per 40kg in the wholesale market, which at retail is being sold at Rs 300 per kg from Rs 285 per kg, while the price of chicken meat increased from Rs430 per kg to Rs460 per kg. Egg prices have risen from Rs 7,000 per carton to Rs 7,200 per 30-dozen carton, while in retail, eggs are sold at Rs 250 per dozen.

Wheat flour prices have seen a decline as the price of the best quality wheat flour in the wholesale market has risen from Rs 1,600 per 15kg bag to Rs 1,570 per bag, which at retail is sold at Rs 1,600 against Rs 1,630 and the normal price. the price per sack of quality wheat flour has fallen to Rs 1,540 per 15 kg sack from Rs 1,560 per 15 kg sack, which retails at Rs 1,570 per sack from Rs 1,580.

The survey observed that retailers apply their own prices in all parts of cities due to dysfunctional price monitoring boards. Moreover, special magistrates in charge of price control also left the people at the mercy of profiteers.

People have complained that wheat flour sponsored by the Punjab government is not available in the market, following a significant increase in commodity prices. The traders told this correspondent that the Punjab government had not yet started supplying them with the subsidized wheat flour, adding that before the arrival of the government of Pervez Elahi, the Punjab government provided sacks of wheat flour. subsidized wheat to retailers, but over the past two months the new administration has halted supplies as a result, the poor are facing severe hardship.

In most of the outlets operated by the Utility Stores Corporation, the shortage of wheat flour persists as the stores are unable to meet the demand following the decision of the Punjab government.

The price of sugar has risen from Rs 4,050 to Rs 4,200 which in retail is sold at Rs 90-95 per kg, while some retailers are selling at Rs 100 per kg.

Rice prices have also remained unchanged as the best quality basmati rice is available at Rs 11,200 per 50kg bag, which retails at Rs 290 per kg, normal quality basmati rice at Rs 9,000 per 50 kg bag, which is sold at retail. at Rs245 per kg, and the price of broken Basmati rice is stable at Rs5,500 per 50 kg bag, which retails at Rs170 per kg.

Prices for ghee and cooking oil have seen a decline as the price of Grade B ghee/cooking oil has risen from Rs 5,500 per carton to Rs 5,250 which retails at Rs 380 per carton. kg against Rs 400 per pack. While top brands of cooking oil and ghee such as Dalda, Sufi and others are available at Rs 2,550 per 5kg pack vs Rs 2,700 per 5kg box.

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