Kitchenware prices show an upward trend due to rising POL rates and products – Markets

ISLAMABAD: Following an increase in oil prices, prices for the majority of kitchen essentials saw a further increase over the past week compared to last week, a survey by Business Recorder showed on Saturday.

The survey observed that the price of wheat flour saw an increase of Rs 10 per 15 kg bag in the wholesale market from Rs 1,130 per bag to Rs 1,140 per bag, which is sold retail at Rs 1,180 versus Rs 1,170 per bag. While the government sponsored 20kg bag of wheat flour is available at Rs 1,170 per bag. The price of chillies powder has increased from Rs 520 per kg to Rs 550 per kg and turmeric powder prices have remained stable at Rs 400 per kg.

Prices for a whole range of pulses were raised a week earlier and over the weekend no change was seen as fine grade mash is available at Rs330 per kg, the best grade of lentils at Rs230 per kg, best quality bean lentils at Rs300 per kg, masoor at Rs230 per kg, best quality whole gram at Rs230 per kg and moong at Rs155 per kg.

Suppliers of all packaged dairy products have increased the prices of their products as the price of Dairy Omang has risen from Rs 30 per 200ml pack to Rs 35 per pack, the price of one liter pack of Milk Pak and Olpers went from Rs 160 per pack to Rs 165 per pack.

The price of sugar in the wholesale market has seen a slight reduction from Rs 4,500 per 50 kg bag to Rs 4,450 per bag, but at retail it is being sold at Rs 100 per kg. Oil prices remained unchanged as prices for B-grade cooking oil brands such as Phool are stable at Rs 4,550 per carton, which in retail is sold at Rs 300 per 900 gram pack, prices of top brands of cooking oil/ghee like Dalda retail price jumped to Rs2,100 per 5 liter pack from Rs2,060 per pack, price of mustard oil is also stable at Rs425 per kg.

According to wholesalers, the uninterrupted increase in high-speed gasoline and diesel prices, coupled with the depreciation of the Pakistani rupee against the US dollar and other major world currencies, is playing a major role in the increase in prices. prices of all items of daily use as the price of fuel drives up the cost of transportation, which is also passed on to end consumers. Traders said the fuel price increase had an immediate effect on the prices of vegetables and other edible products, as these products are transported daily.

During the week under review, the price of chicken witnessed a reduction of Rs 250 per 40 kg in the wholesale market from Rs 7,600 per 40 kg to Rs 7,350 per 40 kg, while in the retail, chicken is sold at Rs 190 per kg from Rs 210 per kg and the price of chicken meat has increased from Rs 330 per kg to Rs 320 per kg. Egg prices have seen a drop from Rs 5,350 per carton to Rs 4,860 per carton, which in retail is sold at Rs 175 per dozen from Rs 185 per dozen.

Prices of various brands of rice saw a further increase during the week under review, with the price of the best quality Basmati rice rising from Rs 6,800 per 40 kg bag to Rs 7,600 per 40 kg bag, which retails at Rs 200 per kg compared to Rs 190 per kg. reflecting an increase of Rs 25 per kg over the past two weeks, while the price of broken Basmati has risen from Rs 3,500 per 40 kg bag to Rs 4,000 per 40 kg, which retails at Rs 120 per kg against Rs 100 per kg. The matchbox price is stable at Rs4 per box.

The price of firewood is unchanged at Rs900 per 40kg and despite the fact that the Petroleum and Gas Regulatory Authority has announced a reduction in Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) prices, but LPG dealers are still selling the commodity at Rs270 per kg, while 15 kg of LPG cylinder is sold at Rs3,400 per cylinder.

Overall, vegetable prices saw an upward trend as the price of potatoes fell further from Rs240 per 5kg to Rs200 per 5kg, which in retail is being sold at Rs50 per kg from Rs55 per kg, the price of onions further increased from Rs190 per 5kg to Rs250 per 5kg, which in retail is available at Rs60 per kg from Rs50 per kg and the price of tomato increased from Rs200 per 5kg to Rs280 per 5kg, which in the retail trade is sold at Rs75 per kg against Rs50 per kg.

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