Kid Cudi and Lil Wayne’s private chef receives backlash over his food

A celebrity private chef is being roasted on social media for her “staple” recipes following a TikTok video that shows what she does in a day’s work for music industry icons.

Known as Chef Morghan on social media, the “travelling private chef”, according to her Instagram, regularly documents the various meals she prepares as well as the celebrity clients she cooks for on her TikTok account.

One particular TikTok video, however, has drawn huge amounts of attention as people on social media roasted chef Morghan, calling the recipes she cooks “basic” and “bland”.

The private chef shared what it’s like to work for Kid Cudi and Lil Wayne.

In the now-deleted video titled “A Day in My Life as a Private Chef for Kid Cudi,” Morghan took viewers through her routine, including the breakfast and lunch meals she cooked for the rapper.” Pursuit Of Happiness”.

She showed viewers the strawberry-banana smoothie, eggs, pancakes and bacon, then a cheeseburger with frozen fries.

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After posting the video, it immediately went viral and received not-so-stellar reviews from people online, who slammed the chef for the meals she cooked.

“We [really] using the title ‘chef’ these days,” one user commented, while another added, “They can literally hire me to do a better job,” others slamming him for using french fries frozen instead of making them from scratch.

However, others were quick to defend the chef, pointing out that Cudi probably asked Morghan to cook those meals for him.

“Everyone complains about her cooking. She’s been HIS chef for a while now. I’m pretty sure she cooks the way he likes…because she’s HIS private chef.” a user wrote.

Another user added“A lot of people who aren’t chefs have a lot to say about this. Customers have outrageous requests, believe it or not. If you’ve never been a private chef for anyone, please Please shut up.”

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“It’s actually so stupid because if he wanted something else he would tell him to do it or hire someone else like please use your brain sometimes people just want a simple and easy breakfast.” a third user pointed out.

Along with showing off the meals she cooks for Cudi, Chef Morghan also documented the recipes she cooks for rapper Lil Wayne, which included pizza, tacos, spaghetti and meatballs.

According to his website, Chef Morghan’s culinary experience “draws back to childhood, I burst onto the culinary scene on a more serious level in 2016”.

She now works as a “clinically trained personal chef” and “food blogger” in Southern California.

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