Jamie Oliver: Chef Shares ‘Amazing’ Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

British chef Jamie Oliver regularly shares cooking tips and tricks with his fans, including how to make a delicious roast dinner on Sundays. The classic meal has many components, but one of the most popular is Yorkshire Pudding.


Jamie recommended preheating the oven to 225 ° C, 425 ° F, or number nine gas first.

Next, get a cupcake mold and add a tiny bit of vegetable oil to each of the 12 compartments.

Put it in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes so that the oil gets very hot.

Meanwhile, beat the eggs, flour, milk and a pinch of salt and pepper in a bowl.


If you’re cooking turkey with your Yorkshire puddings, Jamie shared an easy gravy recipe made with turkey juice.

Plus, it’s gluten-free and only takes 10 minutes to make.


Turkey casserole juice (about 100 ml)

Two teaspoons of cornstarch

A tablespoon of cold water

Fresh broth (100 ml – 300 ml)


Remove the turkey from your roasting pan and squeeze out the excess fat.

Jamie recommended leaving about a tablespoon of fat in the pan as it adds flavor.

Next, place the roasting pan on the baking sheet over medium heat and stir well, making sure you scrape off all the pretty cooked pieces from the sides and bottom of the pan.

Combine the cornstarch and cold water in a separate bowl and stir well, then pour it straight into the roasting pan and mix very well.

Simmer gently, stirring continuously, and you will see that all the juice begins to thicken into a nice sauce.

Add broth to roasting pan, adjusting amount to achieve desired consistency.

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