Irishman hails life-changing new way of cooking sausage after tipping online


An Irishman has found a new way to cook sausage and says the achievement has changed his life.

We’ve come a long way from the charcoal pieces of pork everyone grew up with in Ireland in the ’80s and’ 90s.

The rise of technology has led to many ways to have sausages – boil them to pamper them, stick them in batter and fry them or even be a little fancy and have chorizo.

But since the lockdown began, we’ve seen the rise of one particular technology.

And that was the wonder of the air fryer.

We’ve seen crisps, chicken goujons, and even eggs tossed through machines in recent months.

However, one item we never really considered was the sausages.

But maybe, just maybe, the air fryer can change that too – as it did for a Reddit user, who took to the Ireland page on Sunday.

“Air fry sausages – someone mentioned them here awhile ago and it was life changing,” he wrote.

To be fair, the attached photo accompanying the post makes them quite delicious.

And the people in the comments and responses agreed with the statement.

One user said: “The air fryer has changed my life. I still can’t figure out how so much food is cooked in it!

Another said: “Air fryers: how to get your brain to accept the words ‘healthy’ and ‘sausage’ at the same time. “

While a third suggested even more options to try, noting: “Sausages, house fries, falafel, breaded chicken / fish. Air fryers are great for this, the cooking speed and the results. cleaning is delightfully minimal. “

But there was also some debate when someone suggested roasting sausages!

We have to go investigate.

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